Legionella Risk Assessments

As part of our water hygiene and safety services, SOCOTEC specialises in Legionella risk management, to ensure clients are compliant with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive’s Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8 for the Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems and Technical Guidance HSG 274.

Legionella bacteria are common in nature and can be found in low numbers in soil, surface waters, rivers and ponds. They can easily enter and colonise man-made environments such as hot and cold water distribution systems and evaporative cooling systems where they are able to multiply at temperatures between 20˚C and 45˚C in biofilm, stagnant water and areas containing dirt, sludge or scale.  

To provide guaranteed quality to you, we are members of the Legionella Control Association (LCA) and have an established integrated management system incorporating UKAS accreditation and WRAS approval for many of our services and products. 

Our Legionella services include:

  • Legionella Risk Assessments
    SOCOTEC’s water safety team comprises of experienced and independent risk assessors, providing UKAS accredited Legionella risk assessment (No. 6123) on all aspects of the water system management, design, installation, condition, operation and usage. Following completion of the risk assessment, a comprehensive report is provided, which provides you with prioritised risk rated recommendations on the most suitable course of action to manage and minimise the risk.

  • Legionella Consultancy and Management
    Our Legionella consultancy services include compliance audits to review existing Legionella management and control processes as well as providing advice and guidance on the development of your Legionella management systems. With extensive experience in carrying out investigations for our clients, we can provide expertise and support during and following system contamination and outbreaks, by offering independent advice and guidance on the best solutions, in line with the ACoP L8 guidance. In order to ensure Legionella management and control procedures are clearly identified, SOCOTEC can work with you to design, prepare and implement your bespoke water safety policy and procedural documents.

Download our Legionella Control Infographic

* A listing of SOCOTEC’s UKAS accredited activities can be found in our schedules of accreditation – Testing Laboratories 1015 and Inspection Body 6123

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