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    Structural Engineering

    Structural Engineer Services -
    Technical Inspection and Latent Defects Insurance

    SOCOTEC provides dedicated Technical Inspection Services to insurers and brokers with respect to Latent Defects Insurance. 

    We offer a comprehensive suite of services to assist you with you and your organisations structural engineering needs.

    Latent Defects Insurance - otherwise known as Inherent Defects Insurance - is usually taken out to protect against defects arising due to faults in design, specification, materials and the workmanship of a building or structure.

    The purpose of the insurance is to reduce the risk of insuring construction projects to an acceptable level for insurers and purchasers of the insurance.

    SOCOTEC has provided technical inspection services for 60 years across the globe and is No. 1 in the French Inspection Market. It is now our ambition to become a World leader in building’s inspection and verification.

    SOCOTEC’s scope of services include:

    • Technical design review of the project
    • Technical risk assessment of projects
    • Periodic site inspections for construction monitoring
    • Technical audit sign off for insurance policies

    SOCOTEC’s services cover geotechnical, foundation, substructure, superstructure, waterproofing of the building and weatherproofing of the façade.

    Types of Buildings covered by SOCOTEC’s services:

    • High rise buildings
    • Mixed-use urban redevelopment
    • Multi-story office and residential buildings
    • Hospitals
    • Industrial buildings
    • Schools and University buildings
    • Commercial and retail buildings
    • Stadia and sports buildings

    Expert advice on RAAC:

    As a leading technical expert with extensive experience in carrying out intrusive and non-intrusive structural investigations, we can provide support to customers concerned about the presence of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) in their building(s). 

    Find out how we can offer advice on RAAC here.


    Previous projects SOCOTEC has provided Technical Inspection services or Technical Control services for:

    • Kingdom Centre
    • Petronas Towers
    • Jabar Omar
    • Mall of Scandinavia
    • Grand Mosque




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