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    Our mission revolves around ensuring safety and compliance standards are met throughout the UK. With an extensive network of laboratories and technical professionals, we're dedicated to upholding quality.

    Our vision and values act as our guiding force, uniting our team toward a common goal. This dedication ensures that our clients consistently receive services of the highest standards, delivered with ethical practices and efficiency.

    Data Driven


    The diverse business divisions within our company foster an open-minded environment where our people, driven by their natural curiosity, are eager to learn from each other, cultivating a culture of continuous learning and understanding.

    Problem Solving

    Embracing thoughtful engagement

    We prioritise a personal approach in all our actions, taking moments to express gratitude, this thoughtful consideration is what defines us.

    Delivering Safety


    We are drawn to ambitious projects that push boundaries and might intimidate others, relying on our network of experts to turn these visions into reality.

    Let's Talk

    Being straightforward

    We embody straightforwardness, offering reassurance by simplifying everything to its essential elements without unnecessary complexity.

    Our mission and ambition


    Paving the way for cities of the future and sustainable industries

    The SOCOTEC group provides expertise from risk management to technical advice working alongside its clients in the Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Industry sectors throughout the whole asset life cycle to ensure their compliance, extend their duration, enhance their environmental performance and guarantee the safety of people.

    Our values

    Our values

    In order to achieve our company vision, we operate in accordance with the following values:

    Commitment & excellence
    Entrepreneurship & innovation
    Accountability & social responsibility