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    The food and beverage industry is responsible for creating a large water footprint, being heavily relied upon for such processes as production, refrigeration, steam generation and cleaning. However, population growth coupled with environmental factors such as drought has led to a freshwater shortage becoming an increasingly likely possibly, placing additional pressure on industrial activities and increasing the operational costs of plants.

    SOCOTEC's Solutions for the Food and Beverage Sector 

    According to recent studies, two thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages by 2025, with current demand exceeding supplies by 40% by 2030. For this reason, businesses operating within the food and beverage industry must adopt an effective water management strategy when it comes to water reuse, helping to guarantee a safer production line and a limited environmental footprint.

    Poor water hygiene can also have devastating consequences for the food and beverage sector, with the multiple water outlets required to maintain production increasing the likelihood of Legionella bacterial growth. With over 200 confirmed cases reported in 2020 alone, Legionnaires’ disease poses a real threat if not correctly managed within water systems. It is therefore important for food and beverage manufacturers to remain fully compliant with health and safety regulations and industry standards, not only to preserve business continuity but also to protect the health and safety of workers and consumers.

    In addition to water, there are a broad range of factors for those operating within the food and beverage sector to consider, such as compliance with environmental standards, managing hazardous substances such as dusts, fumes, wastewater and biological agents, as well as controlling the occupational health risks posed by manufacturing equipment.

    SOCOTEC is best placed to support those within the food beverage and manufacturing industries with a host of requirements, from water treatment and hygiene to stack emissions and noise and dust monitoring.