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    SOCOTEC is the one of the largest established MCERTS accredited stack emissions monitoring consultancy. With a proven track record of monitoring throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India, our team of over 50 MCERTS certified personnel and extensive equipment resource can offer rapid response to sampling requests for even the most complex of monitoring projects.

    We provide international clients with market-leading, professional and competitive stack emissions monitoring and environmental testing services including:

    • Routine periodic monitoring to determine compliance with permit requirements and obligations
    • Calibration of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) to EN 14181
    • Investigative and process optimisation trials, including use of FTIR
    • Monitoring of substitute fuel trials and co-incineration plant
    • Plant commissioning and abatement efficiency monitoring projects
    • ISO 17025 (UKAS*) accredited analytical services for stack gas samples
    • Consultancy services and liaison with regulators
    • Training and bespoke guidance services for operators in relation to MCERTS requirements

    SOCOTEC has an extensive ISO 17025 and MCERTS accreditation schedule and our site teams are equipped with market leading analytical and testing equipment. Operating to the highest safety standards our experience, resources and coverage enables us to provide a truly international emissions monitoring service.

    Sector Specialisms

    SOCOTEC sampling teams are hugely experienced & operate across many industries:

    Our Success is Based on Three Principals:


    In all aspects of testing-safety, quality management, ISO 17025 and MCERTS requirements, we ensure that all testing and data is accurate, reliable, compliant with international standards and acceptable to national regulatory bodies.


    SOCOTEC operates to the highest standards and adopts a safety first approach to monitoring. Working closely with clients, it ensures monitoring work is performed safely and in compliance with current legislation.


    By providing excellent service and through continuous improvement, we exceed expectations in technical capability, speed of response, reporting times and project management.

    Additional Services

    The following can be tailored to clients’ requirements including:

    • Air & odour emissions/dispersion modelling using the latest software (both ADMS and AERMOD)
    • Instrument servicing, maintenance and calibration services, with factory trained engineers
    • Consultancy & training in EN 14181
    • Method development & implementation of ISO 17025/MCERTS procedures for testing laboratories

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