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    Surface Water Case Study

    Surface Water Quality Monitoring for Renewable Energy Project

    SOCOTEC Consultancy's undertook comprehensive surface water quality monitoring for a renewable energy company’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) construction project.

    The energy company is in the process of securing approval for the construction of a new Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), and as a part of their Planning Application, the energy company  is mandated to establish a Construction, Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) that includes a Water Quality Monitoring Plan (WQMP).

    SOCOTEC Consultancy (Scotland) has been engaged by the energy company to conduct baseline surface water monitoring and ongoing monitoring during the construction phase, addressing the requirements of their planning condition.

    The project site is located adjacent to an existing sub-station and is bordered to the east by a surface watercourse. This watercourse necessitates monitoring to assess potential changes in water chemistry due to construction activities and to identify any environmental impacts stemming from the construction site.

    SOCOTEC's involvement encompasses the collection of surface water samples from three strategically chosen locations, representing upstream, midstream, and downstream conditions at the proposed construction site. Over an 18-month construction period, nine monitoring visits will take place. A range of determinants relevant to general water quality, historical agricultural land use, soil erosion, and site-specific fuel usage will be analysed at SOCOTEC's UKAS accredited laboratory. During the sampling process, in-situ parameters including electrical conductivity, temperature, and redox potential are simultaneously recorded by SOCOTEC's environmental scientist.

    The surface water data collected will be meticulously assessed to ascertain the condition of surface water at the construction site and to determine the necessity for any mitigation measures during the construction phase. SOCOTEC is collaborating closely with the energy company to establish an effective monitoring plan that ensures compliance with the Planning Application condition.

    Furthermore, SOCOTEC's role extends to providing advice to the client regarding the frequency of sampling and testing requirements, essential for satisfying the surface water monitoring condition. The company is committed to delivering high-quality surface water monitoring data by adhering to rigorous QA/QC sampling protocols. Accredited chemical testing is being conducted at SOCOTEC's Bretby laboratory to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data.

    By offering quality information and precise environmental insights, SOCOTEC is empowering the energy company to make informed decisions and ensure adherence to environmental compliance standards. This case study exemplifies SOCOTEC's commitment to supporting clients in fulfilling regulatory obligations while contributing positively to environmental preservation.

    Through this project, SOCOTEC aims to demonstrate its proficiency in executing surface water quality monitoring initiatives, cement its reputation as a reliable environmental consultancy, and position itself as a valuable partner for renewable energy projects that prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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