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SOCOTEC is the UK's leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, with comprehensive solutions in Infrastructure, Environment, Building & Real Estate and Dispute & Advisory.


Supporting Every Step of the Asset Life Cycle

Committed to continuous improvement, innovation and quality, SOCOTEC offers a wide range of services to assist and advise clients through every step of a project’s life cycle, with comprehensive solutions in Infrastructure, Environment, Building & Real Estate and Dispute & Advisory

SOCOTEC delivers tailored solutions to meet clients’ challenges across a wide range of sectors, whether they require one-time engagement or long-term management. Our team of experts are well positioned to offer technical advice to stakeholders, striving to ensure the safety, sustainability, compliance and performance of their assets.



  • Analysing feasibility, hazards and risks (including technical, financial, security, safety, environmental and reputational)
  • Anticipating challenges
  • Technical/quality inspections
  • Assisting with certification.


  • Selecting partners for design and realisation.
    Avoiding technical risks
  • Carrying out pre-work diagnostics
  • Meeting regulatory obligations
  • Controlling costs, deadlines and environmental risks
  • Implementing BIM strategies.
Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

  • Identifying and anticipating risks
  • Ensuring safety, quality and durability
  • Achieving technical and environmental performance
  • Managing administrative and technical aspects
  • Delivering work that conforms to regulatory obligations
  • Protecting employees and the surrounding communities
  • Measure and optimise management, operations and maintenance costs/performance
  • Preserving structural conditions
  • Meeting regulatory obligations
  • Technical inspections.
End of life

End of Life

  • Analysing the initial state of the site prior to beginning works/demolition
  • Prevent impacts on neighbouring structures
  • Implement environmental procedures for demolitions.