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    Occupational Hygiene Consultants, Hygienists, Technicians and
    Environmental Scientists - Services for a Healthier Workplace

    From preventing ill health caused by the work environment to optimising your operational efficiency, our approach to occupational hygiene ensures a healthier, more productive workplace.

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports over a million people in the UK annually experience ill health linked to their work conditions. Behind these statistics are real people, and at SOCOTEC UK, we ground our approach to occupational hygiene solutions in these real-life situations.

    Our Occupational Hygiene team - a blend of occupational hygienists, consultants, technicians and environmental scientists - steps into the intersection of people and their workplaces. We assess and control risks and prevent ill health caused by the work environment itself.

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    Heather Sanders

    Heather Sanders

    Operations Director

    Operations Director

    heather.sanders@socotec.com 07764368395

    Electrified railways

    managing legionella rail sector

    Keeping workers safe from high EMF exposure

    On the electrified UK railways, the routine operation holds the potential to generate high electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Discover the importance of assessing and controlling this risk to protect workers.

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    LEV from a technical perspective

    Local Exhaust Ventilation lev - Header

    Control over gas, vapour, dust, and more

    From capturing contaminants at the source to ensuring worker safety, discover how Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems help with creating a healthier work environment.

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    Preventing ill health with occupational hygienists

    Our team of occupational hygienists and environmental scientists get involved at the interface of people and their workplaces. We use science and engineering to prevent ill health caused by the work environment - specialising in the assessment and control of risks to health from workplace exposure to hazards. Our hygienists help you to understand these risks to minimise or eliminate them.

    Compliance with care

    Our occupational hygiene consultants, well-versed in COSHH, Noise at Work, and Vibration at Work regulations, provide market-leading compliance services. It's about meeting standards and offering you the assurance that your workplace is a healthy, compliant environment.

    A holistic approach to workplace health

    Our occupational hygiene services extend beyond assessments; they include a suite designed to monitor, assess, and control human exposure to various workplace hazards. From Workplace Exposure Monitoring to Sick Building Syndrome investigations, our team is equipped to handle a breadth of occupational hygiene challenges.

    Health and productivity

    Our occupational hygiene services identify and address hazards, creating a healthier work environment. The result? Reduced absenteeism, improved employee well-being, and an empowered workforce.

    Risk mitigation in action

    Our approach to occupational hygiene is hands-on, with real people on the ground, in the lab, and everywhere you need us. Whether you're dealing with chemical, physical, or biological hazards, we provide the depth of research and actionable advice required for a safer, healthier workplace.

    Optimising operational efficiency

    Through occupational hygiene assessments, we optimise the physical environment, contributing to a workspace that enhances not just health but operational efficiency.

    Our occupational hygiene approach

    Expert Guidance

    A network of expertise

    From on-site hygienists to environmental scientists, we create a collaborative approach, ensuring your workplace is safe with the highest level of expertise. We bridge the gap between potential hazards and actionable solutions, cultivating a healthier, safer environment for your workforce.

    Problem Solving

    Plain speaking, problem-solving

    We distil data into actionable insights, ensuring that our solutions are not only effective but also readily understandable. In addressing workplace risks, our straightforward communication style empowers businesses to make informed decisions for the well-being of their teams.

    Data Driven

    Data-driven approach

    Whether it's workplace exposure monitoring or assessing the impact of electromagnetic fields, our reliance on concrete data ensures that our advice is precise, effective, and aligned with the needs of your business.

    Delivering Safety

    Building for tomorrow

    By identifying and mitigating risks today, we contribute to the creation of workplaces that are not just compliant but resilient to the safety challenges of tomorrow.

    Let's talk occupational hygiene

    If you're seeking tailored solutions, expert guidance, and a proactive approach to creating a healthier work environment, we're here for you.

    Talk to our experts

    Heather Sanders

    Heather Sanders

    Operations Director

    Operations Director

    heather.sanders@socotec.com 07764368395