SOCOTEC provides air quality advice at the earliest stages of your project to ensure potential impacts are identified and mitigated during the planning stage.

SOCOTEC can offer expert advice on air quality assessment against recognised local, national and international air quality standards, across a wide range of industrial, commercial and private developments.

These assessments can be carried out in support of planning applications, as standalone reports or as part of a wider environmental impact assessment. They can also be used for environmental permit applications or for complying with on-going regulatory monitoring and reporting requirements, as well as bespoke investigations.

Through close liaison, with clients and regulators alike, SOCOTEC is able to offer bespoke services to ensure that the scope of the work meets a client’s requirements with advance agreement; this approach avoids delays, with the aim for assessments to be accepted at the first submission.

Typical Applications:

  • To assess air quality for local authorities in accordance with the UK National Air Quality Strategy
  • To measure air quality around an industrial site as a requirement of a ISO 14001 Environmental Management System or IPPC Permit
  • For assisting land developers with planning applications and environmental impact assessments

Our monitoring and consultancy teams can provide a wide scope of services, such as:

  • Air quality screening and detailed assessments
  • Nuisance dust monitoring and assessment, using web-enabled real time monitors and deposition gauges
  • Site specific construction and demolition dust assessments
  • Assessment of traffic related emissions
  • DMRB screening assessment
  • Detailed dispersion modelling with ADMS-Roads, ADMS 5, Aermod and CALPUFF
  • Modelling of accidental and fugitive releases and other complex release scenarios
  • Diffusion tube monitoring
  • Air quality impact assessment on ecology
  • Air quality assessment for environmental permits in relation to industrial installations
  • Stack height calculations including D1
  • H1 screening and detailed air emissions risk assessments
  • H4 odour assessments

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