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    SOCOTEC is a leading expert at the rapid assessment of data and identification of environmental risk. We provide risk analysis and management solutions enabling investors, owners and developers to understand and then manage environmental risk and liability. Further to this, our digital data storage and interrogation system, MiPortal, enables real time information access and risk management across entire portfolios.

    Expertise in Environmental Due Diligence

    Crucially, SOCOTEC interrogates each potential environmental issue identified to pressure test against materiality criteria and cost accuracy. We integrate issue identification with comparison against client specific criteria, the Regulatory framework pertinent to the site/issue and the presence of other risk triggers to determine the likelihood of risk realisation. We use financial modelling of potential scenarios to forecast liabilities, while factoring in external influences such as the likelihood of regulatory intervention, to present findings in a format useful to investors, business owners and facility management teams.

    Minimise Risk and Cost through Environmental Management

    SOCOTEC’s services go beyond transaction and are commonly used to minimise costs through corrective action planning, environmental management and monitoring of issue close out. In this way, SOCOTEC can integrate with existing environmental health & safety (EHS) functions and/or existing management teams.

    SOCOTEC’s services include:

    • Data room search and review
    • Site audit
    • Phase II assessment
    • Issue identification, quantification and prioritisation
    • Site selection advice
    • Financial forecasting
    • Corrective action planning
    • Post deal monitoring and issue close out
    • Constraints mapping

    The due diligence team is supported by in-house drilling operations and UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratories* to offer a fully integrated service. This enables the whole assessment, from data room search and site reconnaissance to Phase II assessment, liability quantification and corrective action planning, to be completed within a minimum timeframe.

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