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    Radon Monitoring Expertise: Ensuring Your Safety and Compliance

    Mon 10/02/2023 - 09:58

    At SOCOTEC UK, we stand as the leading authority in the UK, offering a wide array of testing, inspection, and compliance services across various sectors, including Infrastructure, Environment, Building & Real Estate, and Advisory.

    Our commitment to delivering excellence shines through as we conduct over seven million tests annually, serving more than 5,000 clients. We are proud to be your foremost choice for comprehensive testing, inspection, and compliance solutions in the UK. Our dedicated client-centric approach drives us to continually surpass expectations through our cutting-edge technical expertise, operational excellence, and innovative technological solutions.

    In our comprehensive suite of compliance testing services, we specialise in Radon monitoring assessments. These assessments are extended to clients across diverse sectors throughout the UK, ranging from individual properties to extensive property portfolios. Our services encompass everything from installing passive Radon detectors to interpreting laboratory analyses. We go the extra mile by providing invaluable guidance on exposure risk, effective control measures, and engineering controls. Our goal is to ensure strict adherence to 'The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017,' guaranteeing your safety and compliance.

    Meet David Gilmour: Your Radon Assessment Expert

    David Gilmour, SOCOTEC UK, business manager has over two decades of experience in providing technical support and guidance on compliance testing for clients across various industries. As a Registered Environmental Practitioner and a distinguished Member of the Institution of Environmental Sciences, David is well-equipped to assist clients with Radon assessments, ensuring your peace of mind in matters of safety and compliance.

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