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    Whether we’re carrying out a one-off inspection or playing our part in creating a city’s most inspiring spaces, our clients trust our people’s extensive expertise and integrity. From the field, to the lab, on-site, in the courtroom and back again, our advice is built on a foundation of substance. 

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    Regulatory Compliance: We offer expert advice on complying with complex and ever-changing regulations surrounding topics such as asbestos management, environmental monitoring and energy performance. Our insights empower you to make informed decisions aligned with UK and international laws during the acquisition process.


    Environmental Concerns: Our team conducts thorough investigations, assessments and surveys, helping you address environmental concerns and comply with relevant regulations during property acquisition.

    System install


    Contractual Issues: Our building and real estate industry expertise ensures safe and smooth project development. We can also guide you through building regulations, fire safety measures and risk mitigation, aiding in drafting and reviewing contracts to tackle contractual issues effectively.


    Government Approvals and Permits: We support you in obtaining necessary approvals and permits from government authorities by providing environmental monitoring and consultancy and acting as liaison with agencies.

    Visualisation, reporting and alarms

    Operations and maintenance

    Health and Safety: Our health and safety consultants ensure compliance with health and safety regulations during the operational phase. We also offer technical support for asset monitoring and maintenance, minimising potential risks and legal liabilities.


    Environmental Challenges: With expertise in legionella risk assessments and water management support, we ensure water system safety and compliance, addressing potential compliance issues effectively.


    Project Delays and Disputes: In case of project delays or disputes, our expert witness services provide valuable insights and analysis for construction dispute resolution, helping you avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

    End of life

    End of life

    Sustainable Practices: Our waste management expertise ensures environmentally responsible handling and disposal of materials during decommissioning and demolition processes.


    Intellectual Property: Our environmental forensics services assist in investigating pollution incidents and legal disputes, safeguarding intellectual property rights related to innovative designs and technologies.


    Financial Implications and Dispute Resolutions: Our advisory services, such as quantifying and analysing claims support and expert witness services, assist in assessing the financial implications and potential dispute resolution strategies related to end-of-life activities. 

    Support throughout the asset lifecycle

    Throughout the entire asset lifecycle

    Financing and Insurance: Our due diligence services help manage potential financial risks and secure adequate financing and insurance coverage for construction projects. Additionally, our quantifying and analysing claims support assists legal professionals in assessing the financial implications and potential dispute resolution strategies. 


    Adapting to Changing Market Conditions: Our sustainability services, such as ESOS phase 3 consultancy and renewable energy feasibility studies, enable you to implement environmentally friendly practices in response to changing market conditions.



    Financing and Budget Constraints: Our due diligence services help identify potential financial risks and opportunities, enabling you to make informed decisions on securing adequate financing and managing budget constraints effectively.


    Regulatory Compliance: Our expert advice and technical guidance ensure that the acquisition process complies with UK and international laws, covering various regulatory aspects such as asbestos management, contaminated land, noise monitoring and consultancy, air qualityenvironmental impact assessments, health and safety standards and building regulations.



    Project Delays and Cost Overruns: Our construction industry expertise enables the formulation of effective strategies to minimise delays and cost overruns. Proactive planning and risk management ensure the smooth progression of development projects.


    Risk Management: We provide geotechnical and subsurface engineering guidance to support foundation design and risk mitigation.


    Contractor Management: Our support in control of contractors enables you to maintain a productive and safe working environment. 

    Operations and Maintenance

    Operations and Maintenance

    Health and Safety: Our health and safety services prioritise safety compliance, reducing potential risks and legal liabilities during the operational phase. Additionally, our expertise in fire safety measures, building regulations and water system management ensures adherence to safety standards.


    Stakeholder Coordination: Our team facilitates effective communication and coordination among various stakeholders involved in construction and infrastructure projects, ensuring successful project execution.


    Asset Management and Maintenance: We provide technical support and guidance on asset monitoring and maintenance, helping you maximise the lifespan and value of constructed assets.

    End of life

    End of Life

    Environmental Sustainability: Our expertise in environmentally responsible disposal during decommissioning and demolition processes, aligning with sustainable practices and regulations.

    Support throughout the asset lifecycle

    Throughout the asset lifecycle

    Environmental Sustainability and Technological Advancements: We offer a wide range of sustainability services, supporting the adoption of sustainable practices and innovative technologies in construction projects. 


    Market Fluctuations and Regulatory Compliance: Our consultants with a range of expertise keep abreast of changing regulations and market trends, providing guidance to adapt to evolving conditions and ensure projects remain competitive and compliant.



    Regulatory Compliance: Our expert building control advice and technical guidance on building regulations and environmental standards ensure compliance during the acquisition phase.


    Sustainable Design and Construction: Our sustainability services assist architects and engineers in integrating eco-friendly practices into their designs, meeting environmental requirements.



    Design Complexity: Our materials investigations, geotechnical assessments and fire safety measures help address design complexities effectively.


    Budget Constraints: Our cost-effective solutions and due diligence services help balance design aspirations with budget limitations while ensuring project quality and safety.


    Changing Client Requirements: Our technical support helps architects and engineers adapt designs to accommodate evolving client needs.


    Material Selection and Availability: We provide assistance in finding suitable and sustainable construction materials for high-performing building envelopes, minimising project delays.

    Operations and Maintenance

    Operations and Maintenance

    Long-Term Asset Performance: Our geotechnical and structural monitoring services ensure optimal asset performance and longevity.

    End of life

    End of Life

    Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage: Our heritage assessments help preserve the historical significance of structures during renovation or restoration projects.

    Support throughout the asset lifecycle

    Throughout the asset lifecycle

    Coordination Among Disciplines: We foster a collaboration among different engineering disciplines and architectural teams for seamless project execution.


    Project Coordination and Communication: Our support ensures effective communication among stakeholders to prevent misunderstandings and delays.


    Constructability and Feasibility: Our technical expertise ensures architectural designs align with engineering requirements and are feasible for construction.


    Project Delays and Changes: We provide contingency planning and risk management strategies to mitigate delays and changes.


    Technological Advancements: We stay up-to-date with the latest building technologies, supporting innovative and efficient projects.


    Health and Safety: Our health and safety compliance services prioritise worker and public safety.


    Quality Control and Assurance: Our services maintain high-quality standards throughout the construction process.


    Furthermore, we offer environmental due diligence services, certification and compliance support, risk analysis, training programmes, sustainability services, expert witness services and quantity surveying to empower you with knowledge and skills needed for successful projects.



    Environmental Risks: Our contaminated land investigation and consultancy aid in identifying potential environmental risks, providing crucial insights that empower you to make informed decisions during the planning phase.


    Resource Allocation: Our due diligence services provide meticulous evaluations of labour, materials and equipment requirements, enabling efficient resource allocation and project execution.


    Budget and Cost Control: We offer cost-effective solutions and support in budget management, including risk assessments and cost control strategies, helping you stay within budget limits.



    Time Management: Our construction industry consultancy provides expert advice and risk management strategies to meet project deadlines and efficiently manage construction schedules.


    Stakeholder Management: Our communication and coordination support among stakeholders fosters effective relationships and collaboration during the development phase.


    Quality Assurance: Our quality control and assurance services ensure construction meets high-quality standards, delivering safe and durable assets to clients.


    Risk Management: We offer risk analysis services to help identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring project setbacks are minimised. Our risk management assurance audits and control of contractors consultancy helps to optimise project safety and performance.

    Operations and Maintenance

    Operations and Maintenance

    Health and Safety Compliance: We offer health and safety consultancy and related services so you can prioritise health and safety protocols during the operational phase.


    Sustainability and Green Building Initiatives: Our sustainability services support you in adopting eco-friendly practices and meeting green building certifications throughout operations.


    Risk Management: Our technical support including fire safety measures and building regulations, enhancing operational efficiency and minimises potential risks during operations and maintenance. 

    End of life

    End of Life

    Environmental Compliance: Our environmental monitoring and consultancy expertise ensures compliance with environmental regulations during decommissioning, demolition and disposal processes.

    Support throughout the asset lifecycle

    Throughout the asset lifecycle

    Change Management: We offer technical expertise and consultancy services, helping project managers handle changes while minimising impacts on cost and schedule.


    Coordination of Multidisciplinary Teams: Our support fosters collaboration among engineering disciplines and architectural teams for seamless project execution.


    Permitting and Approvals: We provide assistance in obtaining necessary permits and approvals, streamlining complex processes and ensuring compliance.


    Documentation and Reporting: Our experts help maintain accurate project documentation, aiding in effective decision-making and transparency.


    Sustainability and Green Building Initiatives: Our expertise in waste management and sustainablity services throughout the asset lifecycle.

    Planning and Design


    Environmental Impact Assessment: We offer expert environmental consultancy services to conduct comprehensive environmental impact assessments, enabling you to identify potential risks accurately. This helps you to make informed decisions during the acquisition phase and ensures alignment with environmental regulations.

    Enabling and Construction


    Sustainable Design and Construction: Our sustainability services assist in promoting and implementing sustainable practices during project development. Our expertise helps you convince stakeholders to adopt green building initiatives, fostering environmentally responsible construction methods.


    Environmental Compliance: We provide expert environmental advice on navigating complex and ever-changing environmental regulations, streamlining the process of obtaining permits and approvals. This support saves time and effort for you and your business, ensuring compliance throughout the development phase.


    Contaminated Land Management: Our contaminated land investigation services aid environment professionals in assessing and managing contaminated land effectively, especially with hazardous materials. Our experts ensure proper handling and mitigation measures, minimising risks to the environment and human health.

    Operations & Maintenance

    Operations and Maintenance

    Waste Management: Our waste management consultancy services help you plan and implement responsible disposal of construction and demolition waste, adhering to waste management regulations. This promotes environmentally friendly waste handling throughout the operational phase.


    Environmental Monitoring: Our environmental monitoring services enable environment professionals to continuously collect and analyse data, accurately assessing the project's environmental impacts during operations and maintenance.


    Mitigation of Environmental Risks: Our environmental due diligence services assist in identifying and mitigating potential environmental risks, such as pollution and habitat disruption. Our support helps you to implement suitable mitigation measures to ensure long-term sustainability.


    End of Life

    Climate Change Resilience: Our expertise helps you incorporate climate resilience strategies into projects, addressing potential climate change effects during the end-of-life phase.


    Pollution Incidents and Legal DisputesEnvironmental forensics services assist in investigating pollution incidents and legal disputes. Our expert environmental forensics team provides essential data and analysis, helping you understand the environmental impact of past activities and make well-informed decisions during decommissioning and demolition processes.


    End-of-Life Considerations: We offer hazardous materials management services, supporting you in properly managing decommissioning, demolition and disposal processes. Your compliance with environmental regulations ensures the safe handling of materials.

    Support throughout the asset lifecycle

    Throughout the Asset Lifecycle

    Stakeholder Engagement: Our support promotes effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders, including environment professionals, architects, and project managers. This fosters engagement and addresses environmental concerns throughout the asset lifecycle.


    Technological Advancements: We stay updated with technological advancements in environmental monitoring and sustainable building materials, enhancing the effectiveness of environmental assessments and management.


    Interdisciplinary Collaboration: We encourage collaboration among stakeholders, ensuring seamless integration of environmental considerations into project design and execution, promoting overall project efficiency and sustainability.

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