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    SOCOTEC is a leading provider of waste management advice, providing services across the entire waste and recycling sector, at all stages.

    SOCOTEC is a leading environmental compliance company offering waste management consultancy services to clients, ranging from recyclers and industrial companies, to regulatory bodies. Based on an unrivalled range of technical expertise, provided by waste management specialists, planners and chemists, as well as geologists, hydrogeologists and geotechnical engineers, the company offers a comprehensive array of services to provide clients with complete solutions for their waste management and recycling challenges.

    Expertise in Waste Management Advice

    The team is supported by in-house UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratories and drilling operations. Therefore, it is able to collect waste samples, analyse them in house and provide waste characterisation and classification, technical assessment and pragmatic solutions, efficiently.

    Advice for All Stages of the Waste Cycle

    Providing consultancy services across the entire waste and recycling sector, it goes without saying that SOCOTEC operates within the well understood waste hierarchy and has broad and deep capability across each area regardless of waste type. Moreover, SOCOTEC is also able to use leading knowledge to provide advice for all stages including new planning applications, environmental permits, waste reuse assessment and disposal. We routinely offer consultancy advice in the following areas, as either stand alone or combined services

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