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    Waste Classification UK University

    Managing Waste Responsibly with Waste Classification Assessment at UK University

    In collaboration with a University, SOCOTEC Consultancy (Scotland) undertook a critical Waste Classification Assessment (WCA) project, coupled with potential Waste Acceptance Classification (WAC) testing.

    This comprehensive engagement aimed to ensure responsible disposal of waste construction and demolition materials containing potentially hazardous elements, including visible fragments of asbestos.

    Project Scope

    The University sought guidance on waste classification and the need for potential waste acceptance testing before disposing of construction and demolition waste materials at a licensed landfill site. The project was of particular significance due to the potential presence of visible asbestos fragments, which categorised the waste as potentially mixed hazardous waste.

    Project Execution

    SOCOTEC’s expert team, including an asbestos surveyor and an environmental engineer, initiated site assessments to thoroughly evaluate the materials. The asbestos surveyor conducted assessments to identify any asbestos-containing fragments, while the environmental engineer collected soil samples from the waste materials.

    Site assessments confirmed the presence of hazardous asbestos fragments within the waste soil materials. The next step was to generate a waste classification assessment report utilising HazWasteOnline™, assigning appropriate waste codes to the materials. Subsequently, a specialist licensed asbestos contractor was engaged by the client to manage the treatment and disposal of the waste soil materials containing asbestos fragments.

    Challenges and Solutions

    The project posed challenges due to the sensitivity of the waste materials’ location adjacent to local housing. SOCOTEC responded promptly to the client’s needs and provided on-site assessment and experienced staff to ensure an efficient and effective waste classification process.

    Results and Benefits

    The waste classification assessment and reporting delivered by SOCOTEC Consultancy (Scotland) facilitated the rapid engagement of specialist contractors for the swift removal of mixed hazardous waste materials from the site. By offering advice on waste classification assessment and waste acceptance testing, SOCOTEC enabled the University to manage the waste responsibly and in compliance with regulations. The project’s success relied on SOCOTEC’s rapid response, expertise in waste classification, and commitment to environmental stewardship.

    SOCOTEC Consultancy (Scotland) played a pivotal role in the Waste Classification Assessment project for the University. By conducting meticulous assessments, generating accurate waste classification reports, and providing expert advice, SOCOTEC enabled the client to address potential hazards promptly and engage the necessary specialists for the proper disposal of hazardous materials. This project showcased SOCOTEC’s commitment to sustainable waste management and environmental protection.

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