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    SOCOTEC Introduces Eco-Friendly Initiative for Oil Sampling

    Mon 08/17/2020 - 15:57

    SOCOTEC, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, is introducing a more environmentally friendly method of taking oil samples.

    As part of its ongoing sustainability agenda, SOCOTEC is encouraging clients to consider switching to reusable sample pumps in place of single-use syringes. This change reduces the amount of contaminated plastic waste, along with the associated costs for safe disposal. These pumps are extremely durable and can last for several years when used correctly, preventing a build-up of hazardous waste on landfill sites.

    Once syringes have been in contact with oil, they are classified as hazardous waste and must be disposed of in a safe, eco-friendly manner. Therefore, as part of the new initiative, SOCOTEC has proposed that all oil-contaminated plastics will be recycled into low-grade plastics by an approved waste carrier. This allows clients to benefit from a significant saving on waste disposal costs, as well as reducing their level of plastic consumption.

    Many of SOCOTEC’s clients have since made the transition to reusable pumps and have seen a reduction in the number of oil resamples required as a result:  

    “Moving from syringes to pumps for our gearbox oil sampling has led to a massive reduction in contaminated plastic waste and an increase in sample reliability, contributing greatly to our organisation’s continued push towards becoming more environmentally friendly,” said Chris Halsall, systems engineer, Southeastern Railway. “The transition was smooth and hassle-free, with all materials prepared by SOCOTEC well before they were required.”

    “The transition from the single-use syringe over to the reusable pump has been a very positive move in reducing the amount of plastic waste produced on site,” commented Sambit Banerjee, managing director, Siemens Mobility Limited. “It has also reduced the amount of packaging we receive from SOCOTEC containing the new sample kits, both of which are positive moves in helping our organisation to become more environmentally-friendly.”

    “At SOCOTEC, we are always looking for new ways in which to streamline and improve our processes for the better, and we are confident that this new oil sampling initiative will be wholly beneficial for both our clients and the wider organisation,” commented Jim Clay, business director, Labs & Analytical, SOCOTEC UK.

    “Encouraging clients to switch to reusable pumps will allow us to further enhance their environmental performance, while also strengthening SOCOTEC’s commitment to building trust and safety for a more sustainable world.”

    Clients who wish to continue using syringes for their oil sampling can do so for the time-being. However, the syringes will be subject to a modest additional charge to contribute towards safe disposal of hazardous waste. For details of current syringe charges, visit the SOCOTEC website or contact our Oils team via this link.