SOCOTEC is an independent technical specialist delivering comprehensive services to landfill site owners and operators for the compliance monitoring of waste facilities.

Our commitment to delivering data of the highest quality both on site and in the laboratory enables us to assist our clients in fulfilling the regulatory requirements of landfill.

Waste disposals to landfill sites can often become an environmental nuisance as chemical and biological decomposition produces methane and leachate. Without accurate monitoring, sampling and testing in place these can lead to combustible gas issues and possible contamination of aquifers.

A full range of sampling and testing is provided with over 100 scientists and technicians at hand to deliver UKAS accredited services.

Gas Monitoring

Methane emissions which migrate laterally from the site and through the cap of a landfill need to be monitored as an integral part of compliance. SOCOTEC holds UKAS Accreditation (testing no. 1015) for carrying out gas sampling on landfills. Experienced technicians undertake both "routine" gas monitoring at boreholes through to the more complex requirements of gas analysis and cap integrity monitoring. Our gas monitoring services include:

  • Routine borehole monitoring
  • Surface emissions monitoring
  • Trace component sampling and analysis
  • Flare emissions monitoring

Gas Monitoring Systems

In addition to site monitoring, SOCOTEC manufactures and installs gas monitoring systems.For instance, our Automatic Landfill Gas Monitoring systems are currently monitoring the perimeter boreholes of over 20 landfill sites with gas migration problems. These systems incorporate dial-out alarms designed to warn operators of any potential gas risk to vulnerable property. Automatically generated gas level reports mean that our clients save time in producing returns to the Environment Agency.

Our Gas Engine instruments are also currently monitoring the methane and oxygen levels on over 50 engines ensuring efficient operation and maximum electricity generation potential.

Landfill Water Sampling and Analysis

To complement our UKAS accredited gas sampling services (no. 1015), we sample water from boreholes and surface waters to establish any hazardous substances which may leak into nearby aquifers, wells or water supplies. The sample is then sent for chemical analysis to SOCOTECs environmental chemistry laboratory.

Dust Monitoring

Where dust monitoring has been written into a Permit or Planning Approval, SOCOTEC is able to provide all the types of dust monitoring that may be required. UKAS accredited analysis is carried out at our own laboratory and reports are provided for submission to the Environment Agency.
To monitor the impact of dust on landfill sites our services encompass:

  • Nuisance dust
  • Frisbee
  • Directional Adhesive
  • UKAS laboratory analysis
  • PM10 dust
  • Fixed point samplers
  • Handheld surveys

Landfill Gas Monitoring Equipment Hire

For operators who want to perform their own monitoring, SOCOTEC carries a large stock of gas and dust monitoring equipment for hire. These instruments are maintained, repaired and calibrated in our own ISO 9001 registered service workshop which enables us to provide a rapid, quality assured service. All instruments are dispatched with a current calibration certificate and include:

  • LFG monitors e.g. Gas Data LMS
  • PID and FID hire
  • Frisbee Dust Gauges
  • PM10 Dust samplers & Monitors
  • Personal Air Sampling Pumps

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