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    SOCOTEC Supports ‘Extracting the Best Practices’ in the Occupational Hygiene Industry

    Fri 15/02/2019 - 04:33

    SOCOTEC attended the annual 2019 conference ‘BOHS/ILEVE LEV – Extracting the Best Practices’. The conference was aimed at anyone with an active interest in the local exhaust ventilation (LEV) industry.

    On 13 February 2019, SOCOTEC attended the annual one day conference ‘BOHS/ILEVE LEV – Extracting the Best Practices’, organised jointly by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) and the Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers (ILEVE). The conference was aimed at anyone with an active interest in the local exhaust ventilation (LEV) industry (such as LEV owners, testers, installers and designers) and those working within the broad field of occupational hygiene.

    The event took place at the Crowne Plaza, Birmingham City Centre, and aimed to provide an opportunity for discussion, to share knowledge and generate debate on the subject of LEV and its role of preventing ill health at work. In many workplaces, effective LEV controls are essential in the reduction of industrial disease and therefore suitable installation, testing and maintenance is crucial. The conference covered many topical presentations regarding LEV including competency of examiners, system commissioning, filtration efficiency, fans selection, and containment testing.

    Mary Cameron, occupational hygiene team leader at SOCOTEC UK, led the group workshops covering LEV ‘pass or fail’ decisions and delegates’ questions on any LEV related topic. Mary shared her expertise and experience by showcasing personal exposure monitoring reports, and what these should include to ensure compliance with the COSHH regulations.

    David Gough, operations director, SOCOTEC, commented:

    “Being at the forefront of these conferences and industry events is fundamental to pushing the industry to achieving best practice. Protecting the health of employees in the workplace should be the priority of any organisation, and events such as this one are important in bringing key players together to pioneer excellence in standards setting in the field of occupational hygiene. It is also a great opportunity to be able to demonstrate SOCOTEC’s expertise in this field at the BOHS event.”

    David Gough, operations director, SOCOTEC

    From LEV assessment and occupational exposure monitoring, to electromagnetic field exposure assessment and gas / dust instrument hire, SOCOTEC offer a full suite of occupational hygiene services. With an in-depth understanding of the employer’s duty to control or prevent exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace, SOCOTEC can offer flexible and individually designed solutions to help protect the health of employees in the workplace.

    The occupational hygiene team at SOCOTEC understands the importance of LEV inspection and testing to ensure that control of exposure remains adequate.  For more information on how SOCOTEC uses science and engineering to help reduce work-related ill-health, please click here.

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