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    Energy Performance Certificate

    Update on EPC Legislation

    Wed 15/05/2024 - 11:21

    This webinar will focus on the latest updates in Energy Performance Certificate legislation. Our very own Lee Pegler, Operational Manager for our Sustainability services will discuss:

    • The  importance of EPCs
    • The impact of EPCs on your property
    • The forthcoming release of updated EPC software.

    What can I expect during the webinar?

    Technical expertise on a specialist topic

    Ask the Expert – Q&A session

    Free to join and access to educational materials upon request.

    Talk to our experts

    Lee Pegler

    Lee Pegler

    Operations Manager, Sustainability

    Operations Manager, Sustainability

    lee.pegler@socotec.com 07747 838689

    How can I register my interest for this webinar?

    Click on the link below to sign up via our dedicated webpage. A link to join will be delivered via email on the morning of the webinar.

    Expert Webinar - Updates on EPC Legislation

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