Environmental law dealing with water quality is extensive and where activities result in any kind of effluent being produced, consideration needs to be given to the likelihood of this causing environmental pollution.

There are over 100,000 environmental permits in place for consented discharges to controlled waters in the UK alone, and non-compliance with permitted quality conditions can lead to prosecution and fines.

SOCOTEC’s teams undertake Site Risk Assessments to identify the site activities that could affect watercourses, groundwater and discharges to sewers. Sampling, monitoring and analysis of discharges to watercourses and sewers, as well as borehole sampling of ground water, can be carried out to support compliance with the appropriate environmental regulations. Our consultants can also advise on waste water management plans, including minimising waste, interceptor design and periodic monitoring of discharge consents. We strive to help businesses to assess environmental risks, to understand their current performance, and to help them develop effective monitoring systems.

Our services include:

  • Drainage studies and site/process risk assessments
  • Bespoke monitoring programmes, including discharges to sewer and water courses, surface water quality monitoring, and bathing water.
  • Groundwater monitoring, using a range of techniques including inertial pumps and low flow
  • Extensive in-house UKAS accredited laboratory analysis
  • Full data interpretation and advice, including waste water management plans, interceptor design and enforcement support

SOCOTEC’s nationwide teams of professional environmental consultants provide independent sampling and monitoring services for numerous sectors, including rail and transport, manufacturing, mining and mineral extraction, food, pharmaceutical, and the waste industry.

Our experienced teams work to externally accredited protocols, to ensure high quality, traceable data is obtained, and can respond to the most urgent of monitoring requests.

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