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    Laboratory jobs

    Laboratory Jobs

    We recognise the importance of having a dynamic and skilled workforce to deliver top-notch analytical testing services and projects to our valued clients. That's why we offer a diverse range of laboratory jobs, catering to both assistant and management levels. Whether you're starting your journey or looking to advance your career, we have plenty of positions available across our infrastructure and environmental sectors. Join us and be part of a team committed to excellence! 

    What qualifications do you need for lab jobs?

    There are a number of different options available for those who may be interested in working in the labs. Those applying at graduate level should have a degree in a relevant scientific subject, such as biology, chemistry, physics or biochemistry, while school leavers looking to pursue an apprenticeship or entry-level position should have a minimum of four GSCEs at Grade 4 or above and three A Levels (ideally having specialised in at least one scientific subject).

    There are also a number of key attributes for those who are thinking about applying for a laboratory job, including analytical skills, a keen eye for detail, good communication skills and effective time management. 

    What will a laboratory role involve? 

    Laboratory technicians support scientists by assisting with tests, research and investigations, while also participating in routine technical tasks and experiments. This role serves as an ideal starting point for a career in the laboratory sector, allowing you to build up your experience before taking on a more senior role (such as a laboratory manager).

    If you are considering pursuing a lab career, examples of tasks you will undertake include:

    • Performing important laboratory tasks to deadlines, specifications and required standards
    • Sampling and testing materials
    • Maintaining good working practices and a clean/safe working environment
    • Producing reports/test sheets and performing calculations
    • Calibrating equipment.

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    Whether you are an aspiring lab assistant fresh out of education or a forward-thinking laboratory manager with a wealth of experience under your belt, SOCOTEC has a wealth of careers opportunities available.    

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