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    Water Equipment Available for Purchase on SOCOTEC’s Online Shop

    Wed 11/03/2021 - 14:53

    SOCOTEC, the UK’s leading partner for testing, inspection and certification services, has added the option of purchasing water equipment to its service offering on its online shop.

    A wide range of water equipment is now available, including shower head cleaner, DPD testing tablets, pH meter and sidestream filtration units. Manufactured in-house by SOCOTEC’s own engineers, water equipment can improve the efficiencies of an organisation’s water treatment offering. 

    By making water equipment available for purchase on the shop, clients will have an enhanced user experience in terms of accessibility and convenience. One of the major advantages is the option of additional payment flexibility, with clients now able to pay for consumables online via credit card. Furthermore, the equipment can be purchased anywhere, on any device and at any time, with delivery options available across the UK.

    “We are pleased to have added the option to purchase water equipment to SOCOTEC’s online shop,” said David Gough, managing director, Environment & Safety. “This new venture has strengthened our capabilities as an organisation, enabling SOCOTEC to further support its clients through the lifecycles of their projects.”

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