Energy Supply, Generation and Regulation

As an established provider, SOCOTEC offers testing, inspection and compliance services to some of the largest power generators nationwide.

Covid-19: In line with Government advice SOCOTEC remains operational, working hard to support clients with critical testing and compliance services during these unprecedented times.

As the UK Energy industry shifts from traditional fossil fuel reliance to a growing renewables sector, SOCOTEC has evolved to cater for the needs of a changing market. Whether you are supplying wholesale energy to the grid, supplying fuel for electricity generation, or supplying new technologies, our fuel analysis and guidance can help you to achieve consistent fuel quality. With over 25 million tonnes of solid fuel certified per annum, SOCOTEC is active at all major ports with dedicated inspection and sampling teams.

SOCOTEC has the capability to support large scale transmission and distribution projects either at project inception via our infrastructure and construction, or during operation through compliance testing services.

Our Services:

  • Sampling and analysis of a range of fuels
  • Cargo superintendency and draft survey
  • On site laboratories
  • Advice and consultancy

Solid Biofuels

As the largest independent solid fuel inspection company in the UK, SOCOTEC provides an extensive range of accredited analytical services with guaranteed integrity of data.

Solid Biofuels

Solid Recovered Fuels / Refuse Derived Fuels

SRF and RDF are fast becoming energy commodities and as the UK’s leading testing provider, SOCOTEC understands how your market is evolving.

Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA)

As part of our portfolio of services, we offer Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) preparation, testing and analysis. Our environmental chemistry laboratory has vast experience in testing IBA and has even developed a methodology to reduce turnaround times to five days.

Incinerator Bottom Ash


SOCOTEC’s well-established radiochemical laboratory offers the nuclear industry a broad range of radiochemical testing and analysis services on a variety of sample matrices.


Stack Emissions

Our stack emissions monitoring business is one of the largest established MCERTS & UKAS accredited consultancies. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from routine monitoring for environmental compliance to calibration of emissions monitoring systems.

Stack Emissions


Our experts also have a detailed understanding of the legislation and guidance you need to be compliant. Having worked closely with Ofgem, SOCOTEC can:

  • Assist you in completing your initial Fuel Measurement and Sampling (FMS) questionnaire
  • Provide you with bespoke sampling plans
  • Provide advice on all matters relating to biofuel quality
  • Help determine the correct amount of Renewable Certificates (ROCs) for our clients

Further to this, SOCOTEC can provide technical audits of mechanical sampling systems, undertake bias tests and even provide upfront bespoke consultancy regarding the application and design of your sampling system.

Simplified Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Measuring and reporting energy use and emissions can drive improvements in energy efficiency which is in turn vital to business productivity, and can help businesses to understand the risks facing them.

Read more on SECR

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

An EPC informs potential buyers and tenants about the energy performance and efficiency of a building. The Domestic MEES Regulations outline a minimum energy efficiency level for private residential and non-domestic rented properties.

EPCs and MEEs

Utility Bill Validation

SOCOTEC’s utility bill validation service ensures that your business is only billed for the energy it uses at the rates agreed by your supplier, which could make all the difference to your monthly energy consumption and costs.

Utility Bill Validation

Energy Monitoring and Targeting

Energy monitoring and targeting is an energy management technique which involves analysing key building information such as occupancy, location, asset/plant operation and energy/water/waste to identify and then reduce its carbon footprint.

Why is energy monitoring and targeting important?

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