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    SOCOTEC’s Continued Support for the Concrete Industry

    Tue 20/11/2018 - 03:08

    SOCOTEC is proud to be sponsoring the 50th celebration of The Concrete Society Awards.

    The longest running awards in the UK Construction Industry, the Concrete Society Awards will play host to over 500 industry representatives.  For the fifth year running, SOCOTEC’s sponsorship will continue to support the event – and the industry - which celebrates and recognises the exemplary use of concrete in tunnels, bridges, roads, factories, universities, hospitals, stadiums – to name just a few.

    Having closely worked alongside a number of clients on similar projects, SOCOTEC has experience and expertise in providing concrete quality control, structural investigations, infrastructure materials testing and on-site sampling and inspection.

    In the last year alone, SOCOTEC has continued to look for innovative and progressive ways in which to develop its future in concrete and materials testing. This year has brought with it further investment into SOCOTEC’s on-site curing and storage facilities, in line with the new industry quality approach to on-site control. In addition, investigations have also taken place to decide which testing methods are most effective and reliable in measuring the ultimate strength of concrete. With different techniques specified in the British Standard EN 12504(1), work at SOCOTEC’s independent laboratories continues to push for standardisation when preparing concrete samples to ensure accurate and consistent data.

    Roger Rattue, commercial/technical director, Infrastructure & Energy Services, SOCOTEC, commented:


    “We are delighted to be attending the event to celebrate construction excellence with other key members who are supporting the industry. As the UK’s largest independent construction materials testing laboratory, our fully equipped concrete testing specialists can support any project with a comprehensive concrete testing service.”

    Roger Rattue, commercial/technical director, Infrastructure & Energy Services, SOCOTEC

    The Concrete Society is an independent technical organisation with a broad membership base that includes professional engineers and designers; the contracting and material supply industry, academia and client bodies from over 60 countries.


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