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    Nuclear energy

    Nuclear Quality Assurance Services -
    Valuation, Validation, Verification and Certification

    SOCOTEC can boast 40 years' of experience in the nuclear sector in fields of valuation, validation, verification and certification.

    As a strategic third party, independent provider to the European nuclear sector, SOCOTEC Power Services offers services that include:

    • Client and project ownership support
    • Quality assurance and quality control
    • Financial management and costs control
    • Equipment inspections
    • System and process control
    • Numerical modelling
    • Training for providers

    Risk analysis

    With 270 experts in civil engineering, mechanical inspection and operation control, SOCOTEC can respond rapidly for a range of projects, throughout the project lifecycle.

    Client and project ownership support

    SOCOTEC can support clients with project assistance, through coordinating works and supervising procedures, as well as environmental and occupational monitoring of buildings and facilities.

    As part of the client support offering, SOCOTEC can perform inter-building interference assessment and help to implement preventative maintenance programmes, visual inspections and defect reporting.

    With a wealth of civil engineering expertise, SOCOTEC can develop and update procedures by offering support to customers’ technical divisions.

    Quality assurance and quality control

    With technical assistance, SOCOTEC can help to ensure longevity and compliance of equipment usage. Through document control, risk assessment and external audits, the client can be assured quality processes and procedures are being followed.

    SOCOTEC works in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17020. Our skilled team provides UKAS-accredited radiochemical analytical support for monitoring and decommissioning projects for the nuclear sector.

    Bioassay work at the laboratory is approved under the Ionising Radiation Regulations of the Health & Safety Executive.

    Financial management and costs control

    SOCOTEC can support the nuclear sector with the preparation of bills of quality and cost control.

    System and process control

    With inspection of plant and work sites, SOCOTEC offers supervision for mechanical and electrical installations plus system and process control.
    SOCOTEC’s engineering team has the required expertise to inspect and evaluate the effectiveness of systems and equipment, including:

    Numerical modelling

    SOCOTEC can support with calculation, modelling and simulation for:

    • Critical accident simulations (i.e. for IRSN)
    • Advanced modelling of installations (i.e. for CEA - programming and validation)
    • Equipment and structures in base nuclear installations (INB)
    • Thermodynamic modelling of steam generators
    • Mechanical and fast dynamic studies on test benches (pressure devices, rotating parts on benches)
    • Hydrogeology with fractured geological repositories
    • Explosion-risk study for technical cavities (i.e. MAVL)
    • Seismic stress evaluation
    • Scale physical testing

    SOCOTEC can offer support with linear and non-linear mechanics, fast dynamics, buckling effects, thermics, diphasic flows, aerodynamics. Providing assistance on research and development, SOCOTEC’s extensive experience allows a reactive and customer focussed service.

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