If you own or manage a building with an air conditioning system you have a statutory obligation to make sure its use of energy is regularly assessed by a qualified inspector.

Air conditioning inspections are just the start. SOCOTEC energy efficiency specialists will use their extensive experience not just to assess your energy use but also to highlight areas of improvement, focusing on savings with real commercial paybacks.

What are Air Conditioning System Inspections?

Building owners and managers who have day-to-day control of air-conditioning systems must have all air-conditioning systems of greater than 12kW output regularly inspected by an Energy Assessor. Each inspection must not be more than five years apart.

The regulations require the first inspection of air-conditioning systems to be carried out as follows:

  • For all systems first put into service on or after the 1st January 2008, the first inspection must have taken place within five years of the date when it was first put into service
  • For other air-conditioning systems, where effective rated output is more than 250kW, the first inspection must take place by 4th January 2009
  • For other air-conditioning systems, where the effective rated output is more than 12kW, the first inspection must take place by 4th January 2011

Having your air-conditioning system inspected by an Energy Assessor is designed to improve efficiency and reduce its electrical consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions.

Energy inspections will highlight improvements to the operation of your existing systems or opportunities to replace older, less energy efficient or oversized systems with new more energy efficient systems.

The inspections are undertaken in line with the CIBSE ‘TM44 methodology’.

What is the UK Legislation?

The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007 (No.991), commonly known as ‘EPBD’

What is the Enforcement Regime?

Trading Standards is responsible for ensuring that owners of air-conditioning systems are in possession of an inspection report. They have the powers to require the production of air-conditioning inspection reports. They may serve penalty notices for failure to comply. The penalty for failing to have an air-conditioning inspection, or retain or pass on the inspection report is £300.

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