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    TM44 air conditioning inspections for a sustainable, comfortable tomorrow. 


    TM44 regulations are designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions from a building’s air conditioning system. However, one of the main problems encountered during TM44 inspections is that premise owners do not understand how to operate their air conditioning systems efficiently and with sustainability in mind.

    What is a TM44 inspection?

    A TM44 inspection is a comprehensive assessment of a building’s air conditioning system that must be carried out by a registered assessor. As well as inspecting the system, the TM44 assessor will look at how the system is being used, serviced and maintained. Premise owners will receive a report from the energy performance certificate assessor that will provide detailed recommendations as to how to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and overhead costs.

    The report will also include the following identifications/improvements:

    • Any faults identified during inspection and suggested actions
    • The adequacy of installed control
    • Control settings and suggestions made for improvement
    • Size of installed system in relation to cooling load and suggestions for improvement
    • A summary of findings with key recommendations.  
    • Inspection of the Air handling equipment associated with the Air Conditioning and/or conditioned areas.
    • Inspection of any factors of the building which may affect the efficiency/performance of the AC systems: Glazing (excessive solar gains, blinds etc) - Other heating systems effecting the AC systems - and Lighting systems.

    Based on the findings and recommendations within your TM44 assessment, a site with energy efficient air conditioning systems would prove far more beneficial in the long-term. Not only could this save on maintenance and breakdown repair costs, but the air conditioning system would perform on much lower electricity consumption, equalling lower energy bills.

    Who needs a TM44 inspection?

    A TM44 inspection is a legal requirement for all buildings that have a combined cooling output of 12kW or more. It is important for all premises meeting this criteria to undertake a TM44 inspection, with the business owner in question facing a fine if this is not in place.

    When did the TM44 regulations come into place?

    Air conditioning compliance was brought in as legislation as part of the EPBD method of improving the energy efficiency of UK buildings, with TM44 regulations having been a legal requirement since 2011 as part of the UK energy legislation.

    Who is responsible for TM44 inspection compliance?

    The person or business with the overall control of the air conditioning system itself is responsible to ensure they are up to date with the TM44 Inspection. If you work in a serviced office and just turn the thermostat on and off then that does not qualify as having overall control, it would be the person responsible for managing the building.

    How often should a TM44 inspection be carried out?

    A registered/accredited Air Conditioning System Assessor should be conducting a TM44 air conditioning inspection once every five years.

    How can SOCOTEC help?

    Our team of qualified professionals can carry out TM44 air conditioning inspections to assess the efficiency of a building’s air conditioning.

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