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    Solid Biofuel as a sustainable, carbon lean fuel is becoming increasingly important as the UK strives to reduce its carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels.

    SOCOTEC is fully aware of the importance of biomass and is proud to be involved with the biggest biomass projects in the world. We are active at all major ports, mines and many generator sites analysing over 60,000 samples a year representing over 50 million tonnes of traded coal, biomass, RDF and SRF.

    Sampling, Preparation and Analysis

    SOCOTEC has unparalleled expertise in solid fuel inspection and testing, specialising in low carbon alternative fuels such as biomass. With a wide range of inspection, sampling, preparation and analysis services available, SOCOTEC is the market leader in UK biomass quality testing.

    Inspection Services

    SOCOTEC’s team of trained and accredited samplers can provide 24/7 365 days a year coverage for all of your sampling and inspection requirements for fuel. We can provide independent, UKAS accredited sampling services* on any solid biofuel consignment whether it is moved by road, rail, or ship.

    With a permanent presence at key UK ports, SOCOTEC is well placed to provide draught surveying, cargo superintendency and sampling services for imported or exported fuel cargos.  Our portside teams provide vital information to clients throughout the loading or discharging operation, protecting the quality of the cargo and ensuring advance notification of any problems such as contamination.

    Diverse Testing Capabilities

    As the energy market continues to evolve, a wider range of solid biofuels are now required to help the transition to a low carbon, sustainable energy sector. As leading experts in solid biofuel testing, we have a wealth of experience in developing sampling and analysis procedures for new and innovative solid biofuels including:

    • Recycled wood 
    • Energy crops (e.g. miscanthus)
    • Wood pellets
    • Virgin woodchip
    • Agricultural by-products
    • Food manufacturing by-products (e.g. peanut husks)

    Quality Matters

    Achieving consistent fuel quality is important for both producers and consumers of solid biofuels. SOCOTEC was the first laboratory in the UK to gain extensive accreditation for the analysis of solid biofuels. Our comprehensive range of UKAS accredited sampling, preparation and analysis services* include:

    • Sampling
    • Sample preparation
    • Pellet component sizing
    • Pellet durability
    • Moisture
    • Ash
    • Sulphur
    • Chlorine
    • Calorific Value
    • Elemental Analysis
    • Biomass content

    Quality of service is just as important as the integrity of the data we provide; our client services and account management teams are on hand to ensure that clients get the information they need, on time and in the required format.

    Where there are specific analysis parameters that are of critical importance, SOCOTEC operates an early warning system, alerting clients to any results that may result in a fuel being outside of the required specification so that action can be taken as quickly as possible. 

    Setting the Standard

    SOCOTEC has a long history of method development and this tradition continues with solid biofuels. In fact, the company has represented the UK internationally during the cooperative development of EN and ISO sampling and analysis standards.  This involvement means that we are at the forefront of ensuring that our clients remain compliant with all relevant standards, even as they are updated.

    *A listing of SOCOTEC’s UKAS accredited activities can be found in our schedule of accreditation – Testing Laboratory 0001

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