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    Concrete bridge construction materials

    Material Testing Services for the Construction Industry -
    Ensuring Reliability, Quality and Safety

    Material testing in the UK's largest independent materials testing lab. Ensure the reliability, quality and safety of construction materials.

    From concrete and soil, to structures and pavements, materials testing helps you to ensure the reliability, quality and safety of the materials used in your construction and infrastructure projects.

    As the UK's largest independent construction materials testing laboratory, we understand the significance of assuring the quality of your construction materials. Our materials testing experts bring a wealth of real-world experience to every phase of your project’s lifecycle. Whether strengthening the foundations of your buildings, ensuring the structural integrity of your bridges and tunnels, or validating the reliability of materials in stadiums, dams, roads, and railway projects, we stand as your trusted partner.

    Our materials testing services go beyond routine checks—they provide actionable insights to support with the success of your construction and infrastructure projects across the UK.

    We give our full attention to problem solving, collaborating with ambitious companies on world-class projects with accuracy and safety, day in, day out.

    Understanding Plate Load and CBR tests

    Plate Bearing, CBR & EV2 Testing

    Shaping the foundations of your construction projects

    Discover how plate load and California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests, vital for large particle sizes or tougher soils, shape ground strength for road and pavement design.

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    Assessing foundation pile strength

    Foundations and monitoring

    Dynamic pile load testing and foundation integrity

    Ever wondered how towering structures stay grounded? Read our blog on dynamic pile load testing where we discuss the process behind assessing foundation strength and the role it plays in the safety of construction projects.

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    Materials testing to ensure quality at every layer

    As the UK’s largest independent construction materials testing laboratory, our wide scope of sampling and testing methods adheres to current British and European Standards, accredited by UKAS* to comply with ISO/IEC 17025, the gold standard for testing and calibration laboratories.


    Discover the depth of our expertise in concrete testing, where reliability and strength is prioritised beyond the surface, contributing to the overall integrity of construction projects. We offer investigation and consultancy services designed for consulting engineers, ensuring informed decisions and optimal use of construction materials. Our lab testing is where analysis meets the highest standards, enhancing the accuracy of material assessments. Explore our on-site testing services, bridging the gap between laboratory analysis and real-world material performance insights on construction sites.


    *A listing of SOCOTEC’s UKAS accredited activities can be found in our schedule of accreditation – Testing Laboratory 0001

    Foundations testing and monitoring to build on solid ground

    We proudly lead the way as an independent provider of foundation testing and monitoring services in the UK. Our foundations team support in the design verification and quality control process for the installation of piled foundations. With a wealth of in-house resources, our foundations testing team customises services for major UK piling companies, offering a range of loading capacities, up to 30 MN. We handle projects of any size, providing you with the confidence that your foundations meet specifications. Explore how our expertise give you the assurance you need for a solid foundation.

    Structures and pavements investigation and testing

    Our extensive experience covers everything from condition surveys to hands-on investigations across a range of materials. Whether it's buildings, bridges, tunnels, roads, or viaducts, our support is thorough. Explore the impact of our LWD on pavement performance. Witness the precision of our Plate Load testing and CBR tests in road design and structural integrity. Discover our approach to structural investigation, where our surveys ensure the lasting safety of your structures.

    SOCOTEC Central

    Discover more about our materials testing facilities at SOCOTEC Central

    Our approach to materials testing

    Expert Guidance

    A network of expertise

    We serve as a network of expertise, connecting you with bespoke materials testing services. Whether you're exploring the reliability, quality, and safety of construction materials or fortifying the foundations of your buildings, ensuring the structural integrity of bridges and tunnels, or validating materials in stadiums, dams, roads, and railway projects, we stand as your trusted partner throughout the UK.


    Our global, national, and local presence ensures that we're with you at every phase of your project's lifecycle—from the lab to the field, to the site, to the courtroom, and back again. We pride ourselves on character, expertise, equipment, and facilities, offering actionable insights that bridge the gap between routine checks and the success of your construction and infrastructure projects.

    Problem Solving

    Plain speaking, problem-solving

    We value plain speaking and problem-solving, ensuring that our materials testing services are delivered with clarity and practical solutions. Our expertise goes beyond routine checks; we provide insights that support the success of your projects with accuracy and safety, day in, day out.


    Our straightforward approach ensures that even the most complex materials testing data is communicated in ways that are easy for everyone to understand and act upon. We believe in doing the right thing by our clients, never compromising on the quality and reliability of our materials testing services.

    Data Driven

    Data-driven approach

    We offer a data-driven approach when it comes to materials testing. We understand that the strength of our advice and reports is directly linked to the quality of the data we gather. Our reports aren't just theoretical; they're backed by dedicated teams actively collecting data on the ground. Our consultancy services are grounded in science and enriched by years of hands-on experience, ensuring that the materials testing recommendations we provide are not just theoretical but proven in the real world.

    Delivering Safety

    Building for tomorrow

    As we work towards creating a safer world for tomorrow, our materials testing services take a long-term approach. We sustain partnerships, materials, and the planet, ensuring that our impact is not just immediate but lasting. Our materials testing services contribute to projects ranging from schools to supermarkets to railways, thinking beyond the present and creating solutions that endure. We build for tomorrow through reliable and insightful materials testing solutions.

    Let's talk materials testing

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