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    Paints and Coatings

    Coatings Lab Services -
    Paints and Coatings Testing and Consultancy

    SOCOTEC has extensive expertise in paint and coatings testing. With many years of experience and independent testing facilities, we can ensure you have all the information you need, when you need it.

    SOCOTEC’s approach to the assessment of decorative and protective coating systems combines an in-depth understanding of the key elements in both the cause and prevention of corrosion, with leading-edge scientific testing.

    SOCOTEC’s experience stems from extensive research and development, laboratory testing of materials, quality assurance and on-site practical work. Testing is carried out to international standards including BS, ISO and ASTM standards, by ICORR and NACE qualified paint inspectors from our accredited laboratory.* 

    Our Services:

    • Inspection, surveys and site testing of coated metal structures
    • UKAS accredited laboratory testing*
    • Surface preparation and coating application facilities
    • Paint system approvals to HAPAS (Highways England) and Network Rail specifications
    • Pre-qualification of paint systems to NORSOK M501 / ISO 20340 / ISO 12944 standards
    • RISQS verified
    • Expert advice and consultancy
    • Accelerated weathering, durability and environmental testing
    • Coatings testing 

    As experts in paints and coatings consultancy and analysis, SOCOTEC operates from accredited laboratories, using modern accelerated weathering equipment and performing natural weathering site trials, as well as performing testing and analysis throughout the UK.*

    Materials Selection

    Paint failures can be disastrous. We advise on the correct selection and application of coatings for:

    • Metals and timber
    • Bridges and structures
    • Vehicles and plant
    • Rail vehicles, trackside equipment and gantries


    Our consultants can deliver against a range of customer needs. Services include:

    • On-site investigations
    • Preparation of painting specifications
    • Consultant to Highways England for coatings and corrosion related issues and A & B paint sample testing and reporting
    • Investigations and advice
    • Coating condition monitoring and surveys
    • Site trials 

    Laboratory Testing

    Our independent accredited laboratory* uses modern equipment for:

    • Testing to international standards
    • Accelerated weathering, durability and environmental testing
    • Research and development projects
    • Pre-qualification and approval testing of paint systems
    • Analysis of coating materials
    • Natural weathering testing
    • Coatings testing
    • Paint pull-off testing
    • Analysis of heavy metals in paint
    • Analysis of lead in paint

    Quality Assurance

    Our team includes auditors and our scope extends to:

    • Performance and material specifications
    • Design scrutiny
    • On-site inspection and monitoring by ICORR qualified paint inspectors 


    Corrosion failures can be expensive in terms of downtime, renewals and safety. We provide expertise in:

    • Failure investigation
    • Measurement of residual metal (NDT)
    • Corrosion rate measurement
    • Bimetallic and graphitic corrosion


    Coatings can help provide a safe working environment. Guidance and assistance is available on:

    • Anti-slip coatings
    • COSHH Assessment

    *A listing of SOCOTEC’s UKAS accredited activities can be found in our schedule of accreditation – Testing Laboratory 0001

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