Coronavirus Client Information

Published: 26 March 2020

In light of the current global pandemic, Covid-19, SOCOTEC recognises the need to provide clients with our continuity plan for client service delivery.

The following plan sets out the contingency measures that we will bring into effect to reduce the impact on our clients.

The plan aims to ensure that we will be able to operate our business to the best of our ability during the pandemic, while protecting, as far as is reasonably possible, our clients and employees.

Currently of our employee population less than 1% are affected, however we fully expect this to increase over coming weeks.

We have reviewed our business operations and believe that, in the majority of cases, if absence levels remain below 18%, we will be able to continue servicing our clients with little impact. However, should resource be impacted by more than 18% absence we will review and invoke the following steps to mitigate the impact:

- Increased over-time levels
- Increased shift work
- Increased hours for those employees on flexible hours and part-time contracts
- Recently retired employees who are under 70 with the correct skills and up to date qualifications are being contacted to supplement future resource should it be required
- Increase sub-contract service where necessary
- Re-allocate roles where skills are transferable

While the situation is challenging, we are not currently seeing undue pressure on resource, and we anticipate that in the short term our resource pool may increase due to a degree of delays and postponement. In the event that resources are put under pressure due to increased absence, we will adopt a risk-based approach and prioritise our resources in the following order.

Priority 1 – Critical services required to keep the country operating such as healthcare, energy, MOD, food retail and pharmaceutical clients
Priority 2 – Clients that require our services to meet legal compliance / statutory compliance
Priority 3 – Projects that are time sensitive to delay to meet critical milestone or project completion to avoid significant financial impact

Services that are not time critical will be delayed / postponed to allow us to focus on the priorities above.

We have reviewed our supply chain and identified all critical supplies and consumables reviewing availability and stock levels. At this present time, we do not foresee supply issues that will affect our ability to fulfill current service delivery demands.

In order to keep essential services functioning, we have invested in increasing capacity to enable more of our workforce to work remotely. Supplementing our already significant mobile workforce, the majority of office based workers are now equipped with the tools to work securely from home or alternative facilities should the need arise. It is essential that our colleagues can access our back-end management systems as well as interact to ensure we meet client demands; the increased remote working capabilities ensure we can continue to provide high quality services without disruption, even in challenging circumstances.

We understand that the situation remains fluid and we will be monitoring the situation daily. At such point that our available resource becomes lower than demand, we will provide further communications to affected clients.