Data Visualisation

With our Calyx OMS™ online data visualisation platform, the type of data recorded and the way it is delivered is highly flexible.

Supporting vital decision making, instant and reliable access to data improves the overall effectiveness of any construction or asset monitoring project, and Calyx is designed to provide just that.

Designed to offer a user-friendly graphical interface, which allows quick and easy interpretation of large amounts of validated instrumentation data from multiple sources, regardless of project scale,  

Calyx offers a number of features:

  • 24/7 access to monitoring data
  • Customisable, scrollable/scalable maps and plans now including KMZ layer overlays
  • Geo Asset interfaces providing georeferenced links to asset information, including images, websites and documents
  • Additional alarm settings for thresholds, rate of change and relative change, all with full logbook integration
  • Fully searchable menus and lists
  • Multi language support
  • Hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, compliant to ISO 27001, providing dedicated connectivity and scalable processing power
  • Advanced graphing engine for customisable plots, including wind rose displays
  • Scheduled data downloads
  • Automated reporting


SOCOTEC Monitoring provides data visualisation services from thousands of remote sensors on major projects across the United Kingdom. Not only can this web-based platform be relied upon to provide a clear view of the data collected via desktop, smartphone or tablet devices but also, importantly, by setting up site-specific thresholds, SMS and email action alerts can be issued to those who need them to maintain the integrity and safety of the site. Data is also available for use with other applications, such as asset management platforms. Importantly, with SOCOTEC Monitoring you own your raw data to store and use as you wish.

Data Validation

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