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    Section 61 Dust Management

    SOCOTEC UK supports client with Section 61 application and Dust Management Plan

    McLaren Group was appointed for the adaptive purposing of Oxford Streets former D.H Evens (House of Fraser) into an adaptive mixed-use development

    SOCOTEC UK undertook the works for baseline and real-time environmental monitoring and consultancy throughout the developments. The priority was to address concerns related to noise, dust, and vibration pollution, which are key concerns of councils and their residents. SOCOTEC UK was hired to support McLaren Group with their Section 61 application and Dust Management Plan (DMP) to ensure compliance with local authority regulations.

    The requirement was to ensure compliance with the Code of Construction Practice Section 61 and produce a DMP to meet local authorities’ air quality objectives in heavily developed areas.

    SOCOTEC UK carried out baseline readings during the pre-construction phase to provide the relevant data required for the DMP and Section 61 application. Real-time monitoring was installed once the applications were approved by local authorities and the action limits agreed. Internal discussions between SOCOTEC UK and McLaren were organised to review both applications and monitoring plans, and alterations were made as necessary.

    As a sub-contractor, SOCOTEC UK collaborated with McLaren Group throughout the application process and ensured that the data was accurate and informative.  The necessary alterations to the DMP and Section 61 were made, and SOCOTEC’s engineers were dispatched to relocate the monitoring equipment. All the data, action values, and reports were updated accordingly to reflect the Environmental Health Operators actions.

    SOCOTEC UK’s Monitoring team continue to assist with further consultation requirements, ensuring that the monitor equipment remains reliable and meets the required standards.

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