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    SOCOTEC Monitoring Attend Training sessions

    Fri 12/08/2022 - 01:05

    SOCOTEC Monitoring carry out works to design, install and provide geotechnical and structural monitoring systems.

    Combining industry-leading installation expertise with insights into how monitoring schemes can be enhanced.

    The team has been attending training sessions delivered by Geosense Ltd and Sigma UK. The sessions are in place to enhance the technical knowledge of SOCOTEC Monitoring teams, enhancing their ability to react efficiently to issues on site and provide more effective customer service. The training has given engineers the confidence to install on-site as well as to react.

    The teams are engaging in small training groups to cover geotechnical theory; including common instruments used and how they work, as well as the latest equipment. A series of troubleshooting sessions were also conducted. During these sessions, site staff got hands-on experience with a range of geotechnical monitoring instrumentation, as well as wireless data acquisition systems, and tried to diagnose problems.

    “The training has been beneficial for teams to participate in and we are looking forward to putting it into practice” commented Dan Laing, senior project engineer, Monitoring, SOCOTEC UK.

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