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    Water that is naturally hard, as in 70% of the UK, contains dissolved calcium and other minerals and the effect on pipework and water systems can be disastrous. It is vital to consider  water conditioner services to ensure that your water system's functionality is not compromised.

    Water Conditioning: Problems of Hard Water

    When water borne minerals, such as calcium bicarbonate, revert to their solid carbonate state, limescale is formed in water systems and this narrows pipes, blocks jets, slows the flow, reduces thermal efficiency and provides a breeding ground for bacteria. 

    Research has shown that just 6mm of limescale will reduce energy by a staggering 40%, resulting in higher running costs, increased energy bills, lost production and early renewal of capital equipment.  

    To combat these issues, SOCOTEC offers a range of Water Conditioners, please see brief specifications below:

    AQUABION® is a patented electrolytic device based on a combination of a high-purity sacrificial anode made of zinc and various swirling chambers.  The benefits of the AQUABION® are as follows:

    • Operates completely without external electricity, maintenance costs or any chemicals 
    • Is always active when it is installed
    • Has an operating life of 5-8 years depending on water quality
    • Does not soften water
    • Can be installed centralised or de-centralised for optimal efficiency and economy
    • Can also be installed in circular systems such a water heaters
    • Operates in a completely environmentally friendly way
    • Available in sizes from 1/4" to 10" and water flow between 0.2m³/hr to 330m³/hr

    Scalewatcher overcomes the shortcomings of other physical water treatment systems by electronically generating the full range of frequencies required, at just the right intensity, to ensure consistent results over the full range of applications. The benefits of the Scalewatcher are as follows:

    • Extends life of capital equipment, prevents limescale build up and descales existing systems
    • Easy to install and move
    • Can be installed over the outside of lagging
    • More than one pipe can be treated with just one unit
    • Can be used with any size of pipe, any material, any flow rate
    • Uses no chemicals – can be used for drinking water
    • Reduces bacteria levels
    • Achieves large energy savings
    • Reduces maintenance costs and down time
    • Short pay back period
    • Procedure available to prove performance of unit without system shutdown
    • Our Scalewatcher Units carry a 1 year manufacturers guarantee, in addition to a 12 month performance guarantee

    MagCAT is a two stage commercial and industrial water conditioner systems, suitable for treating potable, process, recycled or waste water.  The benefits of the MagCAT are as follows:

    • Unique combination Catalytic/Magnetic treatment system
    • No BMS required, guaranteed operating life of 15 years
    • No control panel required
    • Easily installed with no maintenance or servicing required
    • WRAS approved
    • Horizontal or vertical installation
    • Has successfully eliminated or substantially reduced chemical dosing
    • Treats water without polluting or sacrificing any elements into the stream

    Limebeater is a professional quality electrolytic scale inhibitor, designed for easy installation into new or existing applications. The benefits of the Limebeater are as follows:

    • Compact design for easier installation
    • All metal construction for durability 
    • High quality finish, ideal for visible installations
    • Easy to install compression fittings
    • Suitable for cold and hot water
    • Environmentally friendly (no chemicals) 
    • Can be installed on horizontal or vertical pipework

    Limefighter is a professional quality magnetic scale inhibitor, design for easy installation into new or existing installations.  The benefit of the Limefighter are as follows:

    • Compact design for easier installation
    • All metal construction for durability
    • High quality finish, ideal for visible installations
    • Compression and push-fit models available
    • Suitable for cold and hot water
    • Environmentally friendly (no chemicals)
    • Can be installed in horizontal or vertical pipework

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