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    SOCOTEC’s OASIS water recycling units are designed to recover waste water in a wide variety of applications, including cooling tower bleed, pharmaceutical process water, renal dialysis and beverage production.

    Cooling towers, evaporative condensers and Reverse Osmosis water purification units are often considered the biggest water users in many industrial and commercial buildings. To reduce running costs and improve environmental efficiency levels, SOCOTEC’s OASIS units can reclaim 60m³ per day with reclaimed water as fresh as the mains water supply. In most cases, water is often better quality.

    How do OASIS water recycling units work?

    The OASIS unit can be installed into any new or existing operation, commonly those in large buildings, distribution depots and refrigerated warehouses. Available in skid mounted or free standing configuration, the choice of unit can be allocated depending on your requirements.

    The OASIS system uses an integrated combination of media filtration, ion exchange and membrane filtration to remove all suspended solids, bacteria and a high percentage of the dissolved solids to purify the waste water.

    With cross flow membrane filtration technology, a barrier separates and discharges all bacteria, algae and viruses ensuring that these are not recycled with the treated water. 

    The units can also be installed alongside rainwater harvesting systems to maximise the reduction in mains water usage.

    Savings through using OASIS water unit

    A typical cooling system in a moderately sized modern commercial building with a heat rejection capacity of 10 megawatt will evaporate approximately 14,000 litres per hour on full load whilst also discharging 5000 litres/hour waste water to drain.

    Realistically, the cooling towers will not operate on full load for any significant period. However, in practice, the average evaporation over a 24 hour period is typically 30-40% of max duty. At this level, the waste flow to drain is 2,000 litres/hour or 50,000 litres/day.

    Not only can the OASIS unit reduce operating costs and improve environmental sustainability, the OASIS system provides a guaranteed and continuous return with minimal installation work and manageable ongoing maintenance.

    Based on Thames Water current water charges for metered premises of 168.9p per m³, by recycling 65% of the bleed-off water the SOCOTEC OASIS System will achieve a saving of approx. £20,000 per year in water and effluent costs. With an operating cost of less than £2,000 per annum, the units will achieve payback in less than two years. Water charges in some areas are significantly higher giving an even quicker return on investment.

    Benefits to SOCOTEC’s OASIS water recycling units:

    • Can realistically reclaim between 60m³ per day
    • Reclaimed water is as pure as mains water supply – or better
    • Cross flow membrane filtration technology separates and discharges bacteria, algae and viruses
    • Minimal installation work required
    • Flexibility to install into new buildings or retro-fitted into existing system
    • Available in a skid mounted or free standing configuration
    • Fully automatic operation
    • Designed to operate with most chemical and non-chemical cooling water treatment programmes
    • Savings can contribute significantly to any new buildings environmental IPPC assessment rating

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