CPT represents a sophisticated penetration test method which can be used to rapidly obtain information on variations in soil type and properties with depth.

The electric cone is pushed into the ground on rods using a CPT rig. Tip resistance, friction and dynamic porewater pressure are measured by transducers in the cone, which are connected to the surface via an umbilical cable. The test gives a continuous output from the sensors which can be interpreted to provide a profile of soil type and strength. Correlation with other geotechnical properties can often be carried out.

SOCOTEC has a range of CPT rigs to suit a wide variety of site access and testing requirements, making CPT a versatile and cost effective method for ground investigation.

Field data can be provided on completion of each test and processed data within 24 hours. The data is also reported in AGS4 digital format.

CPT Rigs

Cone Type

  • Electric cone and piezocone – measurement of tip resistance, sleeve friction, pore pressure and inclination
  • Dissipation test – measurement of pore pressure behaviour
  • Seismic cone – measurement of downhole shear wave velocity and small strain shear modulus
  • Magnetometer cone – measurement of magnetic field for detection of UXO
  • Cone pressuremeter – see Pressuremeter Testing
  • Flat blade (Marchetti) dilatometer – see Pressuremeter Testing
  • Field vane – see In Situ (Field) Testing
  • Mostap sampler – recovery of 1m long tube samples in protective sock

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