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    Fire Risk Assessments

    Fire Risk Assessment Services -
    Evaluations and Consultancy

    SOCOTEC offers fire risk assessments to ensure that your building and its occupants are protected from the hazards and risk of fire, and to assist the responsible person in meeting their legal duties.

    What is a fire risk assessment?

    A fire risk assessment is a review undertaken of a building in order to assess the risk of fire. It will also identify the general fire precautions the responsible person needs to take to ensure that all has been done to reduce both hazard and risk to a level that is low as reasonably practicable. It is a legal requirement for all non-domestic premises and residential blocks of flats to have an up-to-date fire risk assessment.

    1.) Identify Fire Hazards

    Make sure to identify and list all potential fire risks.

    2.) Identify Individuals at risk

    It is important to identify any person that may be at risk of fire hazards.

    3.) Evaluate and Reduce Risks

    Procedures can be put in place to remove or reduce any identified hazards that are posing a risk to safety.

    4.) Record, Planning and Training

    All hazards and risks should be recorded, and used to inform an emergency plan. It could also be useful to provide those at risk with suitable training.

    5.) Review

    Ensure that you are regularly review your fire risk assessment to ensure there are no missing risks or hazards.

    Fire Risk Assessment template

    1. Thorough Assessment

    Our expert assessors conduct detailed evaluations of your premises to identify potential fire hazards and assess the level of risk. We examine various factors, including building layout, fire detection systems, escape routes, and storage practices.

    Key Elements Covered:

    • Identification of fire hazards and ignition sources.
    • Assessment of fire prevention measures in place.
    • Evaluation of emergency procedures and evacuation plans.

    2. Tailored Recommendations

    Based on our assessment findings, we provide you with clear and actionable recommendations to improve fire safety. These recommendations are tailored to address specific risks identified during the assessment, ensuring practical and effective solutions.

    Key Recommendations Include:

    • Upgrading fire detection and alarm systems.
    • Implementing fire compartmentation measures.
    • Enhancing staff training on fire safety procedures.

    3. Compliance with Regulations

    Our Fire Risk Assessment services are conducted in accordance with relevant regulations and standards. We help you meet legal obligations and ensure that your premises adhere to fire safety requirements set forth by regulatory bodies.

    Considerations that are needed include the following:

    • Emergency routes and exits
    • Fire detection and warning systems
    • Firefighting equipment
    • Removal or safe storage of dangerous substances
    • Emergency fire evacuation plan
    • Requirements of vulnerable people, for example the elderly, young children or those with disabilities
    • Providing information to employees and other people on the premises
    • Staff fire safety training.

    Read our testimonials from our clients on fire risk assessments below: 

    "We first started working with SOCOTEC Fire Division in 2021 after appointing them to complete the fire risk assessments for GTR Train Stations and Engineering Department and also DSEAR where required. SOCOTEC upload our reports to our portal, the report turnaround is always prompt and on time. The service we receive from SOCOTEC is good and the fire risk assessments are of a good quality, the technical advice is sound and reports are easy to digest for all levels of staff to understand and act on where necessary. Whenever we raise any queries and questions we always receive a prompt response the team at SOCOTEC."

    Kiernan Govia, Govia Facilities Services Contract Manager (Hard Services) and Facilities & Projects Management.

    "We first started working with the SOCOTEC Fire Division in 2019 after appointing them to complete enhanced fire risk assessments, as well as electronically marked-up floor plans, for our non-standard sites across the UK. Following the successful completion of this 1-year contract, we reappointed SOCOTEC in 2022 to complete a second round of fire risk assessments for the same restaurants upon their year 3 review. The estate within this contract consisted of over 400 Mcdonald’s Restaurants, situated all across the UK. SOCOTEC’s geographical coverage meant they were able to complete all sites with ease, whilst remaining commercially competitive.


    Overall, the service we received from SOCOTEC was excellent, a bespoke audit adjusted for our business requirements with good communication at all times the support from Socotec was second to none."

    Mark Gallant, Fire Safety and Licensing Officer McDonald’s UK & Ireland

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