Trenton Fire was acquired by the SOCOTEC Group in 2019 and has subsequently rebranded to SOCOTEC UK Ltd.

Trenton Fire rebrand

SOCOTEC provides a flexible forward-thinking approach to enable our clients to achieve cost effective and practical solutions for the full range of fire safety problems. Our highly respected and experienced team of qualified fire engineers provide a high level of technical capability and are supported by the latest in CFD modelling techniques. This is a two-way process and options are explored with the design team to ensure the most effective solutions are identified.

The governing principle is to develop a safe and effective strategy enabling the desired solution, operational requirements, and design quality. 

We are known throughout the industry and with Approving Authorities for our clear, well supported and practical reports fully coordinated within the design team, and clearly illustrated for application, assessment and approval using BIM compliant systems. We can support with:

Fire Safety Strategies

Design review
On-going design support
Fire safety mark-ups
Fire strategy reports
Fire detection & alarm
Means of escape
Escape lighting & escape signage
Fire resistance & compartmentation
Suppression systems
Smoke management systems
External fire spread
Access & facilities for the fire & rescue service
First-aid firefighting

Fire safety management

Construction support

Retrospective fire strategies

Structural fire engineering

Timber frame construction

Evacuation modelling

Computational fluid dynamic (CFD)

Fire safety audits

Authorised engineer

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