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    Fire Case Study

    SOCOTEC UK work on Project to Improve Life Safety at a Secure Facility

    A UK-based fire engineering team from SOCOTEC UK played an essential role in a confidential project aimed at improving life safety within a secure facility.

    Focused on refurbishment and retrofitting, the team addressed residential building complexes, including areas designated for staff offices and medical care.

    As collaborators on the project, SOCOTEC Fire Engineering provided essential support, offering outline fire safety mark-ups, preparing Fire Safety Strategy reports, and providing construction assistance. Their involvement proved crucial in implementing effective fire safety measures throughout the custodial premise.

    The primary project objective was to enhance life safety, particularly focusing on fire safety within the premises. The team conducted a thorough assessment of existing fire safety systems, including compartmentation, fire doors, fire alarm systems, and first aid firefighting systems. Adapting to the security requirements of the site, certain assumptions were made to meet both life safety and operational needs.

    The building design adhered to specified guidelines, considering typical construction features in custodial premises in England, including residential accommodation atria. Balancing security and fire safety measures, especially considering arson risks, was essential within the constraints of existing buildings.

    A recent survey underscored the outdatedness and inadequacy of fire safety systems in custodial premises across England. Refurbishment works, including comprehensive evaluations, retrofitting of systems, and implementation of safety measures, are imperative. SOCOTEC Fire Engineering's expertise and contributions play a crucial role in achieving these goals, ensuring the safety of offenders, custodial staff, and attending fire and rescue services.



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