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    SOCOTEC Awarded Multi-Service Contract for Newhaven Port Access Road, Delivering Time and Cost Savings

    Mon 24/06/2019 - 11:08

    SOCOTEC, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, has been awarded a multi-service sub-contract for the Newhaven Port Access Road scheme.

    Delivered during the preconstruction and construction phases of this high-profile project, services include unexploded ordnance (UXO), background noise surveys, buried utility surveys, geotechnical and rail track instrumentation and monitoring, ground investigation, and earthworks and concrete compliance testing.

    Working as a single sub-contractor across multiple specialist services provides a number of benefits to the Contractor, BAM Nuttall Ltd, including time efficiencies and cost savings.

    Michael Astley-Heilbronn, senior site agent for BAM Nuttall Ltd, has been working closely with SOCOTEC on this project and comments:

    “Early engagement between BAM Nuttall and SOCOTEC UK at tender stage enabled us to clearly consider and make provision for a range of important aspects, such as ground conditions and risks to third party assets. This partnership then continued through the pre-construction phase resulting in us identifying direct efficiencies that positively benefited both our programme and our budget. This approach of delivering a range of professional services in a collaborative way and via a single sub-contractor just makes sense, as it reduces the likelihood of errors and gives us the confidence that we need to deliver a complex project.”

    Michael Astley-Heilbronn, senior site agent for BAM Nuttall Ltd

    Newhaven and its Port is set to undergo a range of commercial and residential development works to facilitate the economic regeneration of the area and fundamental to this regeneration is the construction of the new Port Access Road.

    At present, commercial traffic that is bound for Newhaven Port is directed along the existing residential roads of Railway Road and Beach Road. Once complete, the new Port Access Road will significantly reduce the commercial traffic flow through those residential areas by providing direct access into the East Quay area of the port.

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