SOCOTEC can provide a range of borehole instrumentation for monitoring groundwater, gas, movement, pressure and more.

Services include: 

  • Slotted standpipe – groundwater and gas monitoring (single and dual tap)
  • Standpipe piezometers
  • Vibrating wire piezometers (VWP) – including data logging
  • Fully grouted multi-VWP installations
  • Submersible groundwater pressure loggers ('Diver')
  • Inclinometer – monitoring slope movements
  • Extensometer – magnet and rod types
  • Earth pressure cells
  • Hydrostatic profiling

In March 2018 SOCOTEC acquired ITM Monitoring, acknowledged as a leader in the delivery and management of large scale projects across the UK which involve earth, rock and concrete structures, such as property developments, tunnels, deep excavations, highways and railways.

ITM are able to provide precise measurement and monitoring of critical structures which might be affected by demolition or construction including: 

  • Ground movement
  • Ground Water
  • Divergence of walls
  • Landslip
  • Settlement
  • Deformation
  • Convergence
  • Divergence
  • Deflection

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