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    SOCOTEC offers earthworks and remediation projects the advantages of reliability, rapid information and detailed knowledge presented in an accessible format.

    Delivering earthworks and remediation schemes on time and to budget requires rapid and accessible environmental and geotechnical data at every stage of the project. SOCOTEC offers a multi-disciplinary approach, delivering integrated sampling, on and offsite testing and consultancy services across the lifetime of the project.
    Increasingly, clients are taking advantage of SOCOTEC’s ability to provide value engineering advice combined with integrated environmental and geotechnical data collection, management and reporting throughout a project’s life cycle. SOCOTEC takes pride in being at the forefront of innovation and market developments. Our combination of site based, laboratory and consultancy teams demonstrates our coordinated approach to complex requirements.
    SOCOTEC is well placed to offer fully integrated services, relating to all geotechnical and environmental requirements in earthworks and remediation projects. Our teams of experienced consultants and technicians are on hand to provide support and effective management of complex multi-faceted requirements.
    Throughout the project lifecycle, SOCOTEC provide a range of support services including:

    Benefits of Using SOCOTEC’s Remediation Support Services:

    • Effectively manage the risks of soils and materials handling and re-use
    • Experience in applying testing, monitoring and consultancy throughout projects
    • Integration of services to deliver value for money, ease of procurement and a single point of contact
    • Highly trained experts with a diverse range of skills across the geotechnical and geoenvironmental industry
    • Effective on and off-site laboratory testing to allow decision making and on-site verification
    • Reduced timescales and cost of earthworks and remediation
    • Fast results delivery and automated data interpretation
    • Compliance with regulatory and design requirements

    Earthworks and Remediation Stage:

    • Multi skilled and efficient site teams
    • Rapid data and advice for sentencing decisions, environmental control and optimised materials placement
    • Data reporting tailored to site decision making
    • All sampling requirements
    • High quality on-site chemical analysis
    • Automated site specific criteria screening for speedy data analysis and site verification
    • Materials and waste classification
    • Environmental monitoring – water, air, noise, vibration
    • Topographical and geophysical surveys
    • Landscaping advice
    • Method statements and verification reports

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