A comprehensive understanding of the contours and topographic features of a site is vital for the success of any engineering or construction project.

Typically required at the beginning of nearly all construction projects, topographical surveys give engineers detailed information about the site and project they are working on. SOCOTEC has the skills and knowledge to undertake topographic surveys to the highest levels of precision to identify and map ground contours, note the natural and manmade features on the land as well as showing location, size and height of these landmarks and providing volume calculations for earthworks planning and monitoring.

Benefits of topographic surveys:

  • give engineers detailed information about the site and project they are working on
  • results of a topographical survey can aid designers, architects, planners and engineers in the early stages of a project’s design and planning
  • demonstrates how land has altered over time for redevelopment purposes
  • shows details regarding the property, land features or physical boundaries

SOCOTEC provides the following surveying services:

  • Topographical surveys
  • 3D laser scanning
  • GPS techniques
  • Measured building surveys
  • Building elevation surveys
  • Road surveys
  • Levelling
  • Survey control networks
  • BIM compliant 3D data visualisation
  • Setting out
  • CCTV surveys
  • Settlement monitoring
  • Ground investigation location surveys
  • Stock pile surveys
  • Volume calculations

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