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    SOCOTEC Supports Scottish Water with Marine Ground Investigation at Portobello

    Wed 08/08/2018 - 04:36

    SOCOTEC - the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services - has started work on a six week ground investigation project for Scottish Water.

    The near shore marine ground investigation project will help inform design and construction options to improve bathing water quality in the area. The works have been designed to determine the geotechnical and chemical properties of the seabed deposits, as well as the underlying superficial soils and bedrock.

    To complete the marine investigation, an 18m by 18m modular jack-up barge has been constructed and loaded with geotechnical plant and equipment at the Port of Burntisland. A 26m long support vessel has towed the barge across the Firth of Forth to a designated work zone off Portobello beach.

    SOCOTEC’s team of geotechnical engineers and drilling operatives will construct nine boreholes using cable percussion boring and rotary drilling rigs via an opening in the floor of the barge which allows access to the water and seabed below.  A series of in situ strength and stiffness tests will also be undertaken using a cone penetration unit as well as the collection of marine sediment using a vibrocorer.

    Samples collected during borehole construction will be transported back to SOCOTEC’s in-house independent laboratories, where geotechnical and geoenvironmental laboratory testing and marine sediment analysis will inform Scottish Water’s future work in the area to help improve bathing water quality.

    Dr Keith Salt, commercial director (Scotland), Infrastructure & Energy, SOCOTEC, commented:

    “With Scottish Water’s vision and customers at the forefront of our minds, SOCOTEC has designed a robust and effective project delivery strategy using a wide range of our in-house services and expertise. 

    “Through a collaborative partnership approach with Scottish Water and their designer, M2, we can meet our client’s requirements through the successful delivery of safe and high quality services across all stages of the project. Following the completion of this ground investigation project, SOCOTEC look forward to a further opportunity to offer support services such as material testing and environmental monitoring.”

    Dr Keith Salt, commercial director (Scotland), Infrastructure & Energy, SOCOTEC

    Mark Dickson, director of capital investment at Scottish Water, said: “Scottish Water is committed to helping improve bathing water quality at Portobello and Fisherrow. This essential site investigation work will help us determine the best option to do this.”

    The work has been welcomed by a range of environment groups and locals councils.

    For more information about Scottish Water, please click here.

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