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    SOCOTEC Supports 100 Bishopsgate in Achieving Water Efficiency

    Mon 01/22/2018 - 21:18

    SOCOTEC, formerly ESG, is helping achieve some of the highest efficiencies in water treatment and sustainability in the 181 metre high, all-glass building at 100 Bishopsgate, London, owned by Brookfield Properties.

    As the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, and specialists in water treatment equipment, SOCOTEC will be using a combination of innovative ozone treatment and a water recycling system to support 100 Bishopsgate in significantly reducing energy, carbon emissions, cooling water usage and water waste.

    To ensure 100 Bishopsgate operates at the highest standards of energy efficiency and productivity with environmentally conscious systems and materials, SOCOTEC has been brought on board to supply Ozone water treatment systems, manufactured by SOCOTEC’s own in-house facility.

    Using Ozone can reduce water consumption on cooling towers by 15% compared to traditional chemical treatment methods. As well as this, Ozone eliminates the environmental impact of transportation, packaging and waste containers associated with chemical treatment – further supporting Brookfield’s commitment to environmental innovation.

    To reduce waste water, SOCOTEC’s OASIS recycling unit will recycle effluent water from the cooling towers, returning it to the system at equal or better quality than the incoming mains water supply. Such savings contribute significantly to any new buildings environmental IPPC assessment and BREAM rating, as well as a company’s commitment to reduce water consumption and waste.

    Nick Harper, operations director, Environment & Safety, SOCOTEC, commented: “In large commercial office buildings like 100 Bishopsgate, cooling towers that serve air conditioning systems are often the largest water user. Therefore, making savings in the water consumption of cooling towers will substantially reduce the overall water consumption of the building. Having been involved with design consultants on this project for a number of years, we are pleased to meet their sustainability and carbon reduction commitments with our Ozone water treatment systems and new OASIS units.”

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