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    reporting application rolled out

    New Reporting Application Rolled Out Ahead of Updated Asbestos Guidance

    Fri 17/02/2017 - 03:15

    ESG, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, has introduced a new digital reporting application to further assist clients undergoing asbestos removal works.

    The analytical software, developed in-house by ESG, enables users to ensure a completed project is compliant with the forthcoming update to HSG 248: The Analysts’ guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures.

    In the UK, a four-stage clearance process is required following licensed asbestos removal works. As part of this, inspection and monitoring is performed by an independent analyst to confirm that airborne fibre levels are below the HSE clearance indicator. Once this occurs, a certificate for re-occupation must be produced to prove compliance. This is outlined in the current HSG 248 guidance. However, this document is set to be reissued with updated requirements in 2017.

    ESG’s asbestos services team is able to use the new tablet-based software to digitise documents and take photographs on site which can then be incorporated into PDF reports. The system can also be used to produce certificates for reoccupation in real time which can then instantly be shared digitally with clients.

    Nick Harper, operations director, ESG Asbestos said: “Under the new guidelines, the Health and Safety Executive will demand better planning, recording and usage of air monitoring data compared to current standards. To support this, ESG has worked proactively to meet these requirements, becoming an early adopter of detailed analytical reporting systems ahead of the new HSE guidance.

    “Reducing the amount of hardcopy paperwork on site holds a number of benefits for ESG and for our clients. By using a digital system, we are able to significantly cut turnaround times as well reduce the risk of transcription error. Another added benefit of the application allows us to directly provide licenced asbestos removal contractors with data gathered during a project which relates to personal exposure results. This is something contractors are under increasing pressure to review themselves and ESG’s new app will provide them with more detailed personal monitoring information than ever before.”

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