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    Forensic testing services

    Forensic Testing Services -
    Accredited Lab for Analysis

    We are are one of the UK's foremost providers of forensic testing services. We are a well-established provider of accredited analytical methods, operating out of our state-of-the-art, Home Office licensed laboratories operating UKAS accredited testing methods.

    Our forensic team provides an extensive range of services and consultancy and can examine evidence in criminal and civil court cases, providing court ready reports and statements and, where needed, the services of trained court reporting officers.

    Forensic Testing Services and Analysis

    The forensic team provides an extensive range of testing and analysis services, with particular expertise in:

    Data Integrity

    Data integrity is key to everything we do, and the principles of forensic examination and chain of custody are applied rigorously. Our independent scientists offer assurance that clients are getting uncompromised, accurate results.
    While maintaining uncompromised data integrity, the team is also able to offer a ‘fast track’ facility for urgent casework, including the analysis of test purchases of suspected drugs.

    Chain of Custody

    SOCOTEC’s forensic team operates using UKAS accredited testing methods in a state-of-the-art laboratory protected by a high level of security to meet the Home Office licensing regulations for the storage, handling and analysis of controlled substances.

    Our highly skilled scientists have proven management experience to protect the chain of custody, operating systems with established protocols to track the ownership and description of all submissions received. They will also work with the case officer to ensure there is mutual confidence in the process. 

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