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    psychoactive drugs

    Drugs Lab Services -
    Forensic Drug Analysis and Expert Witness Support

    SOCOTEC's forensic team has extensive experience in the examination and analysis of drugs of abuse. We offer a market leading service through the UK's police forces, with our experienced team delivering reports, expert witness statements and trained court reporting officers to the criminal justice system.

    Forensic Knowledge and Experience

    Our forensic testing laboratories operate to UKAS accredited testing methods and provide a swift, client-focused service that is tailored to each of our clients’ needs by our highly skilled scientists. By taking a client-led approach, we are able to ensure that each investigation undertaken is completed to the highest standard and delivers the analysis required.

    Drug Analysis

    Our key drug analysis services include:

    • Examination, identification and quantification of solid drugs
    • Examination of drug taking paraphernalia
    • Supply chain investigation – the comparison of drug wraps and/or packaging to show a chain of supply
    • Cannabis yield calculations
    • A dedicated ‘fast track’ service for drug test purchase operations
    • Drug analysis consultancy – highlighting any additional aspects of evidence that may prove valuable to a current investigation
    • Expert witness court attendance
    • 24/7 drug analysis consultancy – including call outs to assist at scenes and a full urgent drug testing service


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