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    Forensic Services

    Forensic Consultant Services -
    Support for Legal Entities

    Our forensic team consists of experienced, dedicated scientists that offer forensic consultancy to solicitors, police forces and private organisations, across a range of forensic services.

    Forensic Knowledge and Experience

    Our scientists’ theoretical knowledge and practical experience provides clients with an invaluable analytical perspective on the forensic techniques that may have been used in any situation for both criminal and civil court cases.

    Following the examination of the strength and reliability of any disputed forensic evidence, our scientists can provide clients with expert witness statements for any consultancy investigation that they require, provide court ready reports and where needed, provide the services of trained court reporting officers.

    Forensic Services

    Our forensic team provides an extensive range of testing and analysis services, with particular expertise in:

    • Drugs of abuse
    • Examination, identification and quantification of drugs of abuse
    • Chemical profiling of drugs of abuse
    • Cannabis yield determinations
    • Interpretation of possible yields of drugs of abuse illicitly manufactured in clandestine laboratories
    • Comparison of various drugs packaging types
    • Interpretation of drug profiling and packaging comparisons to provide comment upon sources of manufacture
    • Crime scene evidence
    • Comparison of contact transfer evidence – including glass, paint, fibres and metal
    • Determination of a physical fit between crime scenes
    • Examination and analysis of Section 5 firearms

    ‘Fast Track’ Forensics

    Where time is of the essence, we are able to offer a ‘fast track’ facility for urgent casework, including the analysis of test purchases of suspected drugs.

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