SOCOTEC understands that time is of the essence with infrastructure projects. Therefore, the company offers a mobile laboratory that can be quickly mobilised to your site, providing analysis within hours, to save you time and money.

Rapid and Robust Results with Mobile Laboratory Testing 

SOCOTEC can deploy its mobile chemical analysis laboratory for rapid analysis, producing robust data. By using strict quality control protocols and controlled onsite laboratory working conditions, the company can ensure that quality data is available within hours or minutes of sampling.

To add value to your project, SOCOTEC’s mobile chemical analysis laboratory saves client time and money through improved efficiencies, as well reducing costs for off-site testing and waste disposal. From increasing the density of data and providing more certainty in site characterisation, as well as delineating contamination hotspots at the site investigation stage, to reducing hazardous waste volumes and controlling and validating hotspot excavations during earthworks and remediation, SOCOTEC has the mobile laboratory on-site testing solution for your project.

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Mobile Laboratory Testing On-Site for Rapid Results

Delivering contaminated land risk assessments and remediation projects requires sufficient chemical analysis data on a fast turnaround basis, to ensure that uncertainties are minimised and risks are controlled. SOCOTEC’s mobile chemical laboratory has been used on many projects to provide rapid on-site testing such as:

  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry (XRF testing/analysis)
  • Ultra violet fluorescence technology (UVF testing/analysis)
  • Analysis for Ammonia, Phenols, Cyanide
  • Metals analysis to ppm levels
  • Speciated BTEX and VOCs to ppb concentrations
  • Carbon banded TPH
  • Total TPH, GRO and PAHs
  • Other bespoke methodologies according to project specific requirements

As the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, SOCOTEC can be flexible in its delivery of mobile laboratory testing services. The on-site laboratory can be offered as part of a full testing service and SOCOTEC can produce data for third party interpretation, or provide a rapid and easily understood site specific assessment of the results as they are produced. In addition, SOCOTEC’s technical expertise means that clients can receive full consultancy support and interpretation. Mobile laboratory services can be tailored to fit your specific on-site needs.

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